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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week Off From Blogging

On Friday of Last Week - I broke my thumb.
Well - Emry broke it, but, it totally was an accident.

Since it is hard to type with the soft cast - I have decided to take the time off from blogging, since I need to spend the extra time on my work work. 

See y'all next week

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites and Funnies (6-12)

Oh my LORD - It's here, we made it - Let's rejoice!!! 

This week has been jam packed - but I am still floating. It's a wonderful thing. 

For the first time since the start of my June Goals (6/2/15) - I did not run this morning. And I have two really good excuses.

1) I stayed up late finishing "You" by Caroline Kepnes - I was 95% done with the book at the 20 minute mark and I had to just push through! I loved this book so much that it scares me!

2) We got back from our Hapkido testing around 9pm - and that would be my fourth consecutive night at the dojang, and the third night training/testing. Little sore. 

I am going to try to run during lunch. But, we'll see how much work comes at me today.

Really quick Let's talk about my Favorites of the Week

Yes, you read that right - Free Starbucks. How? Who? What? When? Well this is a brandy new favorite - because my new boss just sent out a mass email to the department, that she is getting all of us whatever we want from Starbucks. I opened my email to find that amazing gift, and I literally did this:!.gif 

Come to me Caramel Crunch Frap!!!! Mama needs you!

I am super committed to not running more than 20 minutes a (work) day, but, as I get more comfortable - I start trying to see how far I can go in that time limit. Yesterdays run, I finally got within fingers grasps of a 10 minute mile. I want to share so - Let me show you my stats thus far:

If you remember - I was starting to push into the 9:45min/mile, before I injured my foot, and then gave up on running (stupid winter, stupid depression). So, yesterday, when I finally got close - I jumped (in my mind, I was on a treadmill, and would have flown off of it). And I need to note, that I walk twice during this 20 minutes, for 45 seconds. I do mini sprints during minutes 8-10. I feel great, and I am so glad to see my body responding. 


Does anyone watch this show? Or has anyone read these books? Last season I found sort of boring, but this season - I just can't skip an episode. And dragons, come on, drag-freaking-ons. But, I need to note (SPOILER ALERT) when they burned Stannis' daughter, I was yelling at the screen. That beyotch Melisandre needs to go. 


I mentioned above that I finished "You" - and now I get to just go through the list I have and pick a new book... Thinking Bird Box - I don't know, I'm just excited to download another book. Call me a Kindle Convert - Technology is bringing me over to the dark side.  

And now for the funnies!  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday Thoughts (6-11)

I woke up this morning - and the first thing I see on my news ticker is that the actor Christopher Lee passed away, at the age of 93.

Growing up, one of my mother's cousin owned a Video Store. There were never any new releases - because if you remember what a VHS video store was like, you had to wait a year (minimum) for a new movie to reach the shelves. I got used to roaming around in the older movies (older for me that is)... I came upon a movie called, 'Mio in the Land of Faraway' (it was also known as Mio min Mio).

It tells the story of a boy from Stockholm who travels to an otherwordly fantasy realm, at first to escape the awful upbringing from his Aunt/Uncle and then to live with his father the King of Faraway. But then the story transforms and Mio must free the land from an evil Knight's oppression.
And I have also come to find out that the movie was based on a novel called 'Mio, My Son' written in 1954.

Guess who the dark knight was? Yup, Christopher Lee.

You can actually find the entire movie on Youtube. I recommend it - it's a great fantasy movie, and even my son loves it.

He was also the voice of Death in any of the Terry Pratchett TV Movies.

His voice was legendary... And he will live on in the movies that we all cherish. 

Now for something lighter - - - We are closing in on the half way point of June. I mean, seriously, how is this happening? The years appear to be going faster and faster - - Can we just slow it down for a bit? Would that be too much to ask? 

I just found out that one of Husband's groomsmen is getting married (YAY!) in... CANCUN.. HOLY FREAKING YAY! I'm sorry - normally my husband is not Cancun People however, this is one of his closest friends - - so we're going. That's right, April 2016, we will be spending 1 blissful, sun filled, TROPICAL WEEK (read again: week) in Cancun, Mexico. I read the message from this guy's fiance and I literally did the following:  

My husband on the other hand did the following: 

So seriously, when is it TOO soon to start shopping and packing for a Cancun Destination Wedding?
Now - too soon? Anybody, Bueller?

But seriously, that's all that going through my head right now - So Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hashtags - Confessions - Rant & Raving

Jumping right in -

Last night's TKD test was at first awesome and then ended wtf. Seriously, I can't believe it. I did my form the best I have ever done it. All of the drills - the best I have ever done them. I felt so strong. I get to the board break, which I swear to the Gods above, I felt STRONG with... And the damn freaking board wouldn't break. #sunuvabeech #disappointment #seriously

It took a bunch of tries. But finally - I got through it. #smallvictories #stilldisappointedthough

I confess that I told the cray cray (appropriate use for the individual) teenager that bruised my ribs Good luck on her test. And I also confess that at the end of the test, she said Good Job. I mean, is it over now, was it just teenage hormones??? #prayingitsover #bethebiggerperson #youthsscareme

I confess that I am eating a thick slice of watermelon with a spoon. I am at work. I don't want sticky watermelon juice all over my face and my paperwork. #caremoreaboutmyface #mmmmmmmwatermelon

Can someone explain to me what the heck is going through peoples minds recently? Has anyone seen the video about that Wal*Mart brawl? Look up Beech Grove Walmart Fight - it's a two clip video of a 5 minute interchange between two women at Walmart. And there is a young boy (son of one of the women) who is getting involved - while adults stand in the aisles with their camera phones out watching and recording. Seriously? I don't know if I would have gotten involved physically - I may have tried to get the kid out of harms way, because that could have gone wrong really quick and he could have gotten very hurt. Also - I think I would have been screaming for these women to cut it out. Everyone was basically just having conversation together - instead of helping in some way STOP the problem. People are sick. Also, what was that mother thinking? I mean, your son is right there! What are you freaking teaching him????  #parentingfail #thissaddensme #whatiswrongwithpeople #beechgrove #whycantwealljustgetalong

 E - card Confessions

Have a great day everyone!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sleepless - Pillow - Rain - Moose something
Delete it
Write something else
Look at it
Delete it

It's not that I have nothing to say it's just, I really can't see where I'm going with the thoughts. It may have something to do with the weather - Gray and Rainy. Again. also, did not sleep again last night. Or if I did, it wasn't very long, because I am still exhausted. This same exact thing happened last week - and I believe it had something to do with the humidity, but what am I to do? Our house has an AC unit - and each bedroom has a ceiling fan. We don't run the AC unit unless it's a gazillion degrees out, because seriously, my electric bill would sky rocket. But our fans are always on at nighttime.

You know it's really humid out, when your pillows aren't cold when you rest your face against them. And if you're anything like me - there is something oddly comforting about the initial cold feeling of a pillow. And maybe since I am not getting that comfort - maybe it is altering my ability to truly allow myself to relax.

I saw online that there are these "cooling pillows":
Bamboo Luxury Memory Foam Pillow from Bamboo Bliss
Found here

This one is the most appealing of the online finds. The first result was actually an As Seen on TV product known as the Chillow. And even though, sometimes, on a rare occasion, the items on ASoTV live up to their hype, I don't really want to risk that.

There are Sleep number brand cooling pillows - that are over $100. That's not happening either. it appears the above is a cost effective, and most enticing option. The company is known as Dream Weave - and this beauty is on sale for $30 (from $89).  It is made up of 40% bamboo and 60% Polyester - and is supposed to be a very breathable pillow.

Thoughts? Should I splurge $30 on a pillow? Or just start bringing ice packs to bed? haha

And - oddly enough - at work, it's super cold - so, why can't I just sleep here. Joking, I am so joking on that one. UGH. Just want to get a good night's sleep.

When I got out of bed this morning - it was pouring. Torrential pouring. And Alaska the Moose is not keen on getting her fur wet. Even when most of her is covered by a fancy schmancy rain coat that Husband bought her.

Yes read that again - A doggy rain coat - that the HUSBAND FACE bought her. Such a spoiled moose.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/sjtscrdsr2tqx0fehrj3.gifSo - I get her coat on, and I get my rain coat on. I open the door, and she's all Nope Nope Nope Nope. Backing up, and sitting down. She practically shook her head 'No". So, I figured that the rain would stop (hopefully) before Emry got on the bus, and that she would be able to pee before everyone left for the day. I shut the door, take off her rain coat, my rain coat - and then the rain stops. She looked at me, and We ran outside.

Literally - No leash on her - No coat on me - out in to the front yard. And for the record, she walked around the cul-de-sac without a leash and stayed quite close. I only had to call for her once - when she was wondering too far on someone else's property. We got in the house, and the skies opened again. Thank God for quick moving...

I got my run in - Did my Pushup/Squat Challenge Activity for the day - And now am sitting at my desk. Dreading the intense pile of crap I have to do.

So, that's what I am going to do - Send reinforcements if I don't come out from under the papers!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekending - Steampunk in the Catskills - Reading

Good morning friends,

Here in NY we are having another gray rainy day - which is alright, since our weekend was sunny and gorgeous. I want to jump right in - shall we?


I got home relatively quickly - and my new e-reader was waiting. Husband face returned the busted one and made darn well sure the new one worked. I selected "YOU" by Caroline Kepnes as my first e-book... and I just wanted to spend the night reading it... but, I couldn't because - - - 

I had to go to B4G, but I had so many other things I wanted to get done that evening, so I only stayed for the weigh-ins. Then, I skedaddled over to the Black Belt testing at our dojang. Truth of the matter is, just because we are in a weird place right now with our training, and I am injured, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't support the black belts that support us during our testing. We stayed for about 45 minutes (of a 3 hour test) and we ducked out.

One of the reasons it was time to go was that the teenager who injured me and her family walked in. The step-father is a nice guy and I seriously don't think he has any idea what has been going on. He's never in to train, and when he is - the women are different people. He shook my husbands hand, said hi to me. Big smiles all around - except for his wife and daughter. Who looked down, and just acted like we didn't exist. Whatever. I just didn't want to endure any more of the behavior.. so we skedaddled once again.

Over to Rosalie's house: We had pizza, and roasted marshmallows, and there was wine. The best part of the night was when her husband couldn't get the fire going. So while he and my husband went to pick up the pizza - I started it. Now, please keep it a secret that I used the gel from a Sterno to get the damp logs lit. The only thing he needs to know is, he couldn't and I did. So there. HA! 

We were home by 10:30p - while hubby walked our Moose, I read as much of YOU as I could before exhaustion kicked in. (Seriously - everyone that has recommended this book, is right - it's amazeballs.)


We woke up way too early - because we were headed up to the "Steampunk in the Catskills" event. Lissa and Yuri (one of the moms from the dojang) came with us. We left the house just before 9am, and reached East Durham just after 10am. This event was held at Blackthorne Resort - and I got to say it has a lot of potential to grow at this venue. 

The first year any event is held, there will always be kinks. It's as if the first year of an event is a trial. So, with that said - there were not a lot of vendors or shops, but the ones that did attend had beautiful items. There was a woman who turned coffee pots, tea pots, tea cups into WIND CHIMES. They were absolutely beautiful. Canes Enable was there, with Professor Donnelly (thump thump - swooning) and in the late evening there were amazing bands. 

We got up there and quickly got changed - making it just in time to see the end of a lecture and make our way over to the "Kicking Ass in a Corset" workshop. Lissa, Husband-face, Yuri and I really enjoyed this. While we took this my sister (more on that later) showed up - and our entourage was complete. My dad and his new gf looked adorable together - and we walked around some.

There was a tea event - that was pretty amazing. The one thing about the tea events at the SPWF is that they lack in the food department. There is always scones, cupcakes - but never any savory options. The Blackthorne did it right. There were tea sandwiches, and vegetable kebabs, scones, breads, cookies - It was really done really well. My only complaint, is that they should have had double the waitstaff on. For a first time event there was clearly more than 200 people. 

Another lecture to attend afterwards, changing for dinner - and then I ate the worst Beef Wellington of my life. Seriously, I should have known better. But, there are some dishes that when you hear their name - you are compelled to eat it. But they had a well stocked salad bar, and I was already full from the tea event. So not a complete wash. 

The only thing we purchased was a special walking stick for Emry. He wanted a really cool gift - not some kid thing. So, I figured a walking stick could be used by all of us - so, why not, right? It came apart, and within it was the top half of a pool cue. Screw it all back together - and you had a beautifully carved, regulation size pool cue. I thought it was very cool and so did Emry. There was a pub at the Blackthorne, so I was able to teach him (roughly) how to use it. And now, it will give us something else to do together. I used to love playing billiards as a kid. We had a table in our childhood home.

After a quick game, and watching Yuri cut it up during some ballroom dancing - we headed out. We were home just after 10p - and it was another night of reading as much as I could - before melting into bed. 

(Side note on my sister: her hair was baby teal - white - and lavender... her head looked like an Easter Egg. Now, I have nothing wrong with bright colored, crazy hair... I've done it myself, but never to the point that I looked like a clown. It was an overwhelming sight. Our interaction was limited to sitting together at the end of tea and having dinner together. But other than that - we seemed to be passing ships. I prefer that, I just don't really know her anymore - and who she is becoming, makes me sad.)


This was a jam packed day. I got up on the early side to walk Miss Moose, and then I cleaned both bathrooms. Put away some laundry, and did about 3 loads of laundry. I was out of the house by 10:30a and did the food shopping. When I got home I did the food prep for the week, which is awesome because all of our Protein options for the week were grilled on our BBQ. YAY for Summer!

Protein options for the week:
  • Chicken tenders - marinated in garlic, lemon and white wine
  • Beef cubes - marinated in stew gravy I had reserved a few weeks ago. 
  • Salmon - seasoned with cumin, garlic and curry
  • Marlin - seasoned with garlic, smoked paprika and cajun
(yes I know, a lot of options - but seriously, I thought that we would have some of it for dinner that night, and I could only get small portions of the fish - so I bought two different kinds - I may have gone to big - it's going to be a tasty week.)

 Veggie/Starch options for the week:
  • Grilled onions, peppers, and cherry tomatoes
  • Roasted Spaghetti Squash - seasoned with jerk seasoning, and garlic
  • Sweet potato rounds
Refrigerator Staples:
  •  Peaches
  • Mangoes
  • Strawberries and Blueberries
  • Mixed Greens
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Eggs
  • Prepared Chicken Salad
(The only thing I am sad about is that we have no cheese sticks - But, I figure a slice of cheese is about the same thing - so I'll steal from Emry's sandwich cold cuts.)

While I was doing the 2 hours of grilling for the protein and grilled veggies - I also prepared my first ever Naan Pizza. I used arugula, seasoned goat cheese and cherry tomatoes drizzled lightly with bbq sauce. Now, I know what all the fuss is about - this was legit awesome. So easy - and now, I am going to be buying naan every week and coming up with new creations. I served this for husband faces and my lunch - and he LOVED it. Even Alaska the Moose want to try some!

Emry had company for most of the afternoon. His best buddy came over and then Emry asked if his little brother wanted to stay. TOO CUTE. They played nicely for almost 4 hours - and then the parents came, and took Emry out to dinner with them. Which meant that Husband and I were able to eat alone. It was so great!

I got hours of some reading done - and I'm not going to lie, I am already over 50% through this book, and I just can't put it down.

 Emry was home just after 7p - And we were all in bed around 9p.


I didn't sleep great - but I got up early. Got my butt out to walk the dog. Got my morning run in, and did my pushup/squat challenge stuff.

I am actually pleased to report that I have kept up with the pushup/squat challenge throughout the weekend. 

The only thing I haven't squeezed in was the instruments - I am going to double the effort on getting this done. And even though I could have eaten better over the weekend, I still didn't go as crazy as I am used to. I consider that a win, not exactly "Healthy Eating" but not exactly "Eat all the crap".

Today is a busy day - with a lot of work to accomplish - so I'm going to leave you all with this thought:

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday - Funnies - Favorites

Hello Friday. Hello Friends. It is Friday - We have made it, who else is excited.

I wanted to let you know my favorite things of this week -


I was totally the cool mom the other night, and I let Emry stay up just long enough to watch Green Day get inducted into the H.O.F - and see their EPIC performance. I have always been a Green Day fan... not crazy fangirl - but seriously, DOOKIE, was the first CD I ever owned. Followed very closely by Lisa Loeb's 9 Lives album. Odd dichotomy - moving on. They were so appreciative to be there, and you can see that they were humbled by the experience. SO COOL. Love them.


Okay, there is a favorite and a NOT favorite thing about this. Last night, Husband-Face took me to Best Buy and I picked up the Kindle Fire HD6, with a fancy schmancy purple protective case. I got it home - I was just so excited, I have a list of books that I am ready to download. And I open the box, and - - - the battery is bulging so the back cover of the device is off. FAIL. So, he's returning it today and exchanging it - - -also checking to make sure it's okay in the store. SO, My favorite thing this week will be using that bad boy TONIGHT! You totally know the second I walk in my door, I'm going to be like - - -  


We are taking Emry to a whole day Steampunk event upstate. This way, he will get to participate (even though he still doesn't know we went to SPWF - don't tell him - I know I'm an awful parent) and we'll be home by 11p..... I am so excited to go into my garb closet tonight and just be like: 


During one of my 20minute runs this week - Hardcore Orchestra music came on. It's part of a soundtrack - which one, I cannot recall at the moment. But it's definitely a fight/battle scene in the movie. The intense orchestra made me run as if I was running something. I started to imagine what I was running towards (or away from) - like I was in my own little movie. When the song was over, I definitely changed my stride (and obviously my face)...... I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as this happened... And practically laughed myself off of the treadmill. I mean, whatever helps - right?
seriously this is how I felt while running.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I leave you with:


I have been laughing at this one all morning.

Gimme a hurr!. Doubt it's a repost since it just happened, but whatevs. Funny thing is I actually went to school with this chick.. Give Me A Burr!. that is a very old repost, sorry 

Oh Kittens!  

That moment when: you cannot contain your RBF in front of that co-worker 
that is trying to make your life hard...