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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Humpday Confessions (10-22)

Liz @ Fitness BlondieToday, is Wednesday and you all know what that means! It means that it's Hump Day, and the "Hump Day Blog Hop". This is hosted by Fitness Blondie, an amazing and positive blog I stalk follow. I found a bunch of great new blogs to read, and a lot of new positive bloggers! I have been doing this for a while now and each week, the new bloggers I follow become like new friends... We are a support system of awesome sauce... Are we not?
Go check it out.. and Join in!
Vodka and Soda
I also, ususally link up with Vodka and Soda... I found her through the Hump Day Blog Hop over at the Fitness Blondie! However, the websense at my job has dictated her BANNED! So, I add my link to her blog via my phone... I'm sneaky like that! Vodka and Soda was an instant "I MUST ADD THIS BLOG TO MY FEED"... I recommend you heading over and linking up with her too.. as long as your work firewall allows you too (stupid job). Kathy is hysterical - I also recommend you not taking a sip of ANYTHING while reading her blog!
So without further ado..
My Confessions skipped my Rewired workout today. I should be doing Week 2 Day 3 - Chest Focus. I woke up feeling awful. I had a flu shot yesterday, and decided that doing a full AM workout and hour long TDK class was a smart idea. I am obviously not a smart person. This morning I woke up feeling exhausted - utterly exhausted and achy and just SORE. So today is going to be comfort food, warm tea day.(Hopefully, I'll make up the workout tomorrow and just double up) it just me, or does anyone else get a wicked cold almost immediately after getting their flu shot? I mean, yes, I do not get the Flu. But, seriously, the cold I get every year is JUST as bad. **SIGHS** I'm a whiny brat when I don't feel good. So - WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH! Now that I've got that out of my system. confess that I secretly hate the other two people who come in the building at the crack of dawn. They are loud - and overly talkative. I mean - SERIOUSLY, if I leave the house to come to work early - and not to workout - I want complete silence. Otherwise - I would have laid in bed and listened to the open mouth sleep breathing of my other half - and the cats rumbling like bulls in a china shop, through my entire house. But these two - JEEZ LOUISE SHUT UP ALREADY. **sips coffee** KICK IN CAFFEINE.

I also confess that I had a list of things I wanted to type - but then, I glance up at Ian Somherhalder - and I'm instantly all "What was I griping about?" Stop it Ian, I'm married - it's just not fair. And people are going to start talking soon.... Coffee at work is nice, especially since I buy coffee very seldom, and on oober necessary situations. However, even the flavored K-Cups - and the flavored creamer doesn't make it taste like DD or SB. *SIGHS* It will do. It's probably my fault. I don't put much creamer or sugar. That's probably why it tastes so bitter....'ve decided that I am going to keep my regular hair maintenance at the salon, with Samantha - a thing. I may not do it every 6-8 weeks. But, most definitely on a regular basis. My hair is starting to show signs of breakage - and for this first time in my adult life, it is REALLY bothering me. Damn wedding, Damn pampering maintenance learned during those months. I'm ruined I tell you. RUINED! But, at least my hair, nails, feet and skin will look FAB! wrote FAB, and the other day I wrote GORGE! (instead of Fabulous and Gorgeous) - who am I? Other than awesome? The tomboy is slowly taking a back seat - It's really hysterical. I'm totally embracing this 30 year old, newly married, mom thing. Klay found a Family Cirlcle magazine (that I swear his mother gave me, because the cover had halloween themed cupcakes) and said "You are so domestic! - - - I like it!" We laughed, but it's true! I really am becoming THAT mom.'ve realized that I spend more time chatting with my blogging gals - then my normal friends. Which, as much as I love you gals, is sort of sad. All of my friends who live local, well, they are all busy with their families as well - and if we do chat, it's via text. And very brief. We all work - we all have family/spouse/significant other responsibilities when we get out - and there are multiple activities that are budgeted into our weeks. Got to make the time, and be more PHYSICALLY SOCIAL with my friends - We are all master schedulers - I'm sure we could actually cut out an hour to meet for coffee. I hope? Hahaha

I've been trying to sell the wine cork triad - place card holders, from the wedding. And, honestly, no one is biting - And if I sell them any cheaper - I'll be giving them away. Anyone know a bride going for that rustic chic charm? admit - that the week off for our Stay-Cation made me realize how much I would love to be home more often. I have said it a million times, I love working, I love being productive and giving Emry an amazing life - not to mention an amazing role model (modest - I am modest) - but, I seriously wish I could also be the housewife, stay at home mom - I think I would rock that too. - and a big confession - because you guys just have to know: There are nights that Klay and I don't go to bed at the same time. He likes to stay up SUPER late, and I really would rather be in bed as early as possible. SO, on those nights - I snuggle up to one (of my two) penguin stuffed animals. No, I am not lying. One of them is actually a pillow pet - so he's really not a stuffed animal, but I digress. Pillows don't cut it - Something about the penguins - just makes me comfortable. It's totally weird - but, whatever gets me to a peaceful REM cycle faster? Right? Wait - you guys still there? **cricket cricket** Guys????
That's all I got this week.
What do you confess????

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stay-cation Honeymoon: Part #2

I am back at it, recapping the amazing fun we had on our Stay-cation Honeymoon! So, our first day alone we went to the movies, and now - I'm going to fill you in what we did on the Wednesday of our "honeymoon"!

We knew that we wanted to go WINE TASTING... so, what better time then a Wednesday morning? You are correct - NONE. After lounging around the house, and taking our time, we ended up at Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery. 

If you aren't from Upstate New York, I recommend you come and visit our area, for the massive amount of wineries alone. Some of the best East Coast Wine - is produced right here in the county I live in. Just saying, not bragging at all, just throwing it out there - come visit already!!!

The Winery is on this AMAZING property. They have an outdoor seating area, bocci court, and many areas just to sit and have a picnic. They also have this outdoor stage! We found out that they do many music events through out the year, and frankly, that gets me pretty excited. NO LIE! $5 - you get to try 6 wines, and you get to keep the glass! HOW AWESOME IS THAT. And they were decent pours! There were some wines we LOVED and there were others we weren't big fans of, but those were at least drinkable. After we were done with our 6 wine tasting - we decided to keep it going - and started to order off our their wine menu - We tried some Pumpkin Cider (which I highly recommend - oh my GOD - the brand is Doc's), some Grappa (strong strong stuff - just saying), and another cordial (or two).

We were pretty much starving, but slightly buzzed, so we decided to take advantage of the amazing weather we were having, and walk around the grounds - which led us to the outdoor stage, and picnic area - We are totally going back to this place just to hang out! When it gets warmer, of course.

We traveled back into Warwick, desperate for some sustenance, and then - we saw it - TACO HOMBRE - yes, YES - and YES! We walk in, and it's the cute little restaurant - with 5 different types of meat - and you could put it in ANYTHING - hard taco, soft taco, burrito, burrito bowl, salad, tostada, quesidilla (side note: my spell check tried to correct this word to "Queasily", which I find very funny).

I chose a Burrito Bowl with Grilled Tilapia - no picture - I'm awful - I ate it too fast. The bowl had lettuce, cilantro lime brown rice, pico de gallo, and a HUGE scoop of guac. I devoured it.

Much to my surprise - Klay ordered not one but TWO burritos - and I instantly thought it was a bad idea. He orders them - and walks away to find the restroom. I watched the girl build these MONSTROSITIES and giggled. I openly giggled. THEY WERE HUGE. The size of a baby - I kid you not. When Klay saw them - we just was in shock. Needless to say - he brought the second one home. Silly guy - what was he THINKING!

After that we wandered home, picked up Emry from school, took him to karate - came home, did homework and ate dinner. Which was FANTASTIC. I made this chorizo corn soup, a recipe my friend Kerry created (and so graciously blogged). IT WAS SO STINKING TASTY. I couldn't help but want a second bowl! We paired it with another big salad - and I got to tell you my son kept calling it TACO SOUP. "It tastes like if you put a yummy taco in a BLENDER MAMA!"


We spent the day reviewing for Emry's upcoming spelling and science tests - watched some horrible TV - caught up some ON DEMAND television - and went to bed, very content!

I know these may seem like very simple days - but, we couldn't have asked for anything better!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap (10/20)

Happy Monday All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend that was filled with fun and I hope you made some awesome memories!

Our plan on Friday night was to go out for Tapas at this little restaurant a few towns over - well, when we get there - it was a HOLE in the wall - with a few outdoor tables - So, we don't discount this, but we look at the menu - There is a difference between tapas and appetizers - what was listed on this - was just small portioned appetizers - And we glanced at the ONE couple sitting outside - and what they had in front of them did not look appetizing at all.

So - we went back to Penning's Farmers Market - if you remember, a couple months back we took Klay there. It has Farm to Table Fare - and a little pub, with local craft beer. Literally, the restaurant is within the barn of the farmer's market. It was a little chilly... But we had some really TASTY Food.
We both started with SOUP - he had the New England Clam Chowder and I had the Pumpkin soup. It was so velvety and smooth - warm and not heavy in the slightest!
For our table appetizer we had Dantil Pepper Wings - spicy, with a hint of sweetness - These are amazing. Plus, the meat just fell off the wing - I loved them.
I had a Turkey Burger on a Multigrain bun - with a HUGE slice of tomato - paired with farm fresh fries. I'm not a fan of fries anymore - I really could only do a couple, so I shared them with Emry. However, Klay had this Cheese Steak Sandwich - that came with fresh cut chips - I loved those, so we winded up trading side dishes!
For Dessert - Emry had Fresh made Strawberry Ice cream, I had a scoop (or two) of Caramel Apple ice cream, and also - I bought an apple pie bar. It was so tasty - but, so dense. I could only have a couple of bites of it. Took the rest home to snack on! Haha.

We woke up on Saturday - and had some time to relax before Emry's soccer game. For once, we had a game later on in the day. I know Emry appreciated it. We laid around - and just overall enjoyed our morning.
Soccer was intense - Emry played 3 out of the 4 quarters - and played 3 different positions. He started out as Mid-Field Offense, then Goalie, and finally Attack.
Our team won 6 - 4, and the kids really had a lot of fun. Once again we had a very interesting referee, who was more concerned on texting someone on her phone then watching the game - but, as I have said, we have a team of very enthusiastic (kind word) parents. We put the ref back on track - (another kind description).

Afterwards we went out to the corn maze - and pumpkin picking. It was much later in the afternoon, so the clouds were out, and the sky was dark - but, we had such an amazing time.
The corn maze had different checkpoints that would "lead" you in the right direction - depending if you answered the question correctly. Which I thought was a really inventive (and smart) way to help people through the maze.
Once we had found our way out, we took a tractor ride over to the pumpkin patch, and found our picks for the season. 50 pounds of pumpkins later - we were done!
We picked up some cornstalks while we were there - so we could really bring some classic "Fall" to our front stoop.

After maneuvering the cornstalks into my tiny ass car - we went over to a local disc golf course - so Emry and Klay could play. I snuggled up in my sweater - and tried to finish the book I have been working on for over a month now. **Sighs** There was a time where I could read an entire book in a few days - That was before responsibilities - I am convinced.

We got home unpacked our seasonal purchases - and warmed up from the cold air. We realizing that we should have planned ahead - because dinner was non existent - I had forgotten to take anything out to prepare! OopS!!!!

So we went out for AMAZING BBQ - and beer. Once again, I don't know when I'm going to learn, I am a one beer girl now - but, they had this really amazing sounding one from Grimm Brewery - aged in brandy and oak barrels - it came out - and tasted more like WINE than a beer - it had such a strong oak taste - It was amazing. But, I wasn't prepared for the after effects (in which Klay poured me into bed, and made me comfortable - yeah, I'm a total light weight).
We started with pulled pork nachos - and for dinner I had an Andoiulle Sausage and Peppers Sandwich. Super tasty - Loved every bite of it.

We went home, I was poured into bed - and I woke up on Sunday - Seriously this is what happened.

Sunday was spent cleaning the kitchen, going to Bed Bath and Beyond to finally use my Bridal Shower Gift Card and to get some mild grocery shopping done.

At Bed Bath and Beyond - I found the coolest THINGS! I bought a Veggie Spiralizer, a Pizza Stone, and a very swanky memory foam bath mat. I can't even tell you. I loved walking around the store trying to figure out exactly what I wanted (not NEEDED) to spend my money on.
I used the Veggie Spiralizer that evening to make my vegetable noodles! It was SO simple. The product retails for $50 - a splurge I wouldn't be able to swing otherwise. But, now that I have it - I can understand that it was totally worth the money.

After I got back from the grocery store, I made the food for this week. We are going to have Tri-Veggie Noodles with Turkey Meat Sauce. I used zucchini, yellow squash and purple sweet potato to make my noodles. And then I browned up the ground turkey, added some garlic, italian seasoning and a dash of cinnamon (which brings out the flavor in turkey meat - trust me - just a dash - give it a try) in a fresh tomato sauce. Mixed it together - and I am drooling just typing about it.

Klay and my dad did some yard work throughout the day - and they totally earned going out (yes - again) to dinner. We opted for Olive Garden - not because of quality or quanity - but of proximity. Literally the restaurant is a quarter mile away. I opted for all you can eat pasta - now before you say anything about the carb-o-loading, I want to note I had 2 bowls of pasta (with chicken) one of which I brought home. So, once again, just smart shopping. Hahaha. We started with some interesting, not great, wings... they were good, but salty. My father got an order of Lasagna Fritters for the table, and I had one - but, they were SO heavy - I couldn't even imagine doing another. Emry wanted Salad for the table - and since that came with all of our meals - he and I basically NOSHED on that!

We watched some football when we got home, and that was the night.

I sit here now, Monday Morning, not at work - but at home - because sometime on Saturday, our Washing Maching decided to stop working completely - but is 100000% filled with water. So, I am currently waiting on a repair man - that seems not to be coming. For the record, I had called 3 of them - and one of them said that he could come tomorrow - and I'm about to make some more phone calls to other appliance repair.

I then have to run over to my MIL's to use their washer/dryer. **sighs** Lots of fun on a day off. Not cool. Not cool at all.
This is currently what out front porch looks like - Just need to put out a few more things!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites (10-17) 



Adele's cover of Love Song.
Why? Super sappy - It's our wedding song.
And it makes me SUPER DUPER HAPPY.

My dad and I dancing at the wedding... I know I am a complete SAP this week. 
It was just such a nice moment. And he picked a real TEAR JERKER song.


Taking Hapkido with Klay last night! Hapkido is a Korean art of self defense.  Hapkido includes a vast variety of joint manipulation, weapons defense, throws, ground fighting, kicks and nerve pressure techniques.  It is a unique art because it enables one to bring an attacker under complete control by blending with the attacker's oncoming force.   

Now what does that mean? Well, right now, it means Klay and I practice putting each other in these arm locks - "arms bent the wrong way" - and throwing each other to the ground. 

It was SO much fun - I can't even begin to describe to you how much fun it was to use my husbands weight to force him (kind of easily) to the ground. EPIC FUN.

No Pictures of this - Need to get Emry to take one next week - BUT believe you me - It sort of looked like this:
I'm only half kidding on this one. We didn't pummel each other in the face.

It's the season, so let's just break it down - I love FALL - I've said it before - Quite a few times - But, let's be specific!

I love pumpkin picking, decorating, and eating. The whole life cycle of a pumpkin - brings me GREAT JOY.

I love corn mazes and haunted hay rides! Haunted houses and Scary Movies - DUH.

I love APPLE PICKING - also apple eating - so another life cycle that brings me happiness!

Leaves - I think leaves are beautiful - I don't even mind raking or using the leaf blower to pile them up.


Fall foods - ALL the Foods - I think my favorite part about fall is the warm soups and stews. Cooking with seasonal vegetables - Making savory dishes that just SHOUT with flavor. Even though we aren't even to Halloween - I want to remind you of THANKSGIVING - I mean Turkey? Cranberry? Sweet Potato? Pumpkin Pie? TOTAL YUMGASM! 

Well honestly, my favorite fall drink is this mixture of Apple Cider with this Mulling Wine. It has to be my favorite part of Fall (and kind of winter too)! You mix one part Cider to one part Wine (or a little more wine than cider - your choice) - and then heat it up in a percolator (or even a crock pot). Once it's warm - stick a cinnamon stick on the side - and drink DRINK D-R-I-N-K.
Buy it from Brotherhood Winery!


Not going to lie - Forever 21 is been on my WATCH LIST - almost the Entire store. I think it's going to be one of the major stores I shop at when I do, in fact, go out for NEW GIRLY CLOTHES.

There is something about this dress that I just want to TRY ON - I mean, it's cute - but I'd definitely pair it with ankle boots

This ear cuff was INTRIGUING - just kind of a pop of something cool. Also - where are we on this HAT thing? Are hats cool now? I mean - they have the big brimmed hats going on too - I love hats, they look good on me - Just don't know if it's something I should really do!
Speckled Pencil Skirt | FOREVER21 - 2000119310
This SKIRT - is JUST WOW - I love the flex of sparkle - and the overall look of it. You could jazz it up with a colorful top or play it down with a neutral tone. Pop of color from the shoes? Gold Jewelry? This is a versatile piece!

Wool Blend Cape | FOREVER21 - 2000119264
This cape - I must have. That is all.

Long-Sleeved Skater Dress | FOREVER21 - 2055878238
This is another one of those pieces that you could dress up or down. Simple yet elegant.

Marled Tribal Patterned Cardigan | FOREVER21 - 2053126163

Ribbed Cowl Neck Sweater | FOREVER21 - 2000080958
This ENTIRE outfit. Just want to wear it with my tall brown boots - and go apple picking in it.

Pleated Bow-Front Blouse | FOREVER21 - 2000060126
I love this top. LOVE it. I would rock it to dinner or to work. It's just adorable.

Lace-Up Combat Boots | FOREVER21 - 2000102182
Boots - I don't need anymore shoes but - BOOOOTS!

Colorblocked Cable Knit Sweater | FOREVER21 - 2000058697
and wouldn't the boots go great with this SWEATER? DROOLS!

So that's it for me... what are your favorites this week?