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Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday - Favorites - Thoughts - and Other things!

My son had no school today, and since we couldn't bring him today to the "No School Club" for Boys and Girls (short story - not worthy to write) I packed him up and brought him to work. Armed with my laptop, a wifi connection and unlimited Minecraft YouTube videos... I'm sure he'll make it to 2:30pm

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I read an article today about a woman who realized she was verbally abusing her husband. Upon reading it, I sent this over to my husband "Do I do this?" I asked him. He has yet to reply, but, in one fluid wave, I realized that there are definitely times that I say things, to my husband, that are poorly worded. That sometimes, my frustration gets the better of me - and I say really stupid (poorly chosen) words. But, I am very interested to know, if overall, he thinks I do this. Either way, from this moment on - I really am going to choose my words more carefully. 

Favorite picture of the week: 

I found this picture of me this week while perusing the SPWF photographers posts. Lead picture in this guys gallery is my face. Seriously, truly overwhelmed by this. I have gotten more compliments on my looks for this event then ever before - and even an invite to help with the makeup for a local Haunted House this fall. My heart has always been in the Arts - and now, I may be getting a chance to follow it, even on a small scale.

Recent Book Devoured:  

I had been reading the "Raising Steam" book by the late (and great) Terry Pratchett, but I lost my flow with it - so I had to put it down. I picked this one up, and I swear, I just LOVED it. And this book, is the reason why I had potato chips for dinner. I had 100 pages left, and I couldn't put it down, and couldn't stop to take bites of real food. You know what I'm saying? It was a creepy story, and very well written. It takes place in two different time eras, with multiple character POV changes. McMahon truly knows how to write this, and did it well. If you liked the writing style of Girl on the Train - and like a little horror, this is the book for you.

I am one book behind my "one book a month" goal for 2015 - so I need to get my butt to B&N and get some more books. Yes, I should probably finish RS - but I'm just not ready for it. UGH. Maybe I'll finish it this weekend - - - I mean I do have 3 days off, and the only thing on my agenda is getting my hair dye refreshed and cleaning. I can read 600 pages in 3 days, right? HAHA - also, I told myself when I was done with these books, I would go get an e-reader. SO, I need to just get it done.

Cheap, but great, Beauty Find:

Hard Candy - Sheer Envy Primer - Illuminating  

Truth - I bought this product because it was cheap, and I thought it was a tube of the lavender primer you see that basically pales out your skin. I bought this because I wanted the 2nd day look for SPWF to come out really gaunt. However, upon using it, this light weird, sparkle gel was what I got. I was so upset. But, I applied it to my face, because honestly, what was the harm? And I instantly noticed something -   When you apply it by itself, it gives your skin a healthy glow while helping to conceal blemishes and other imperfections. It evens out your skin tone without altering or adding to your skin color, making it a helpful addition when you need your makeup light but want to look amazing on vacation or at the beach. It has a slight purple tint, but on your skin is practically unseen. I have been using it all week, and it hasn't caused me to break out - and it really does look great. Now, I did say there is a sparkle to it - but, that's barely noticeable on the skin as well. I will definitely be using this in the summer when we are outdoors for the Ren Faire. I hate wearing a lot of makeup in the heat, but, I also have a problem going out without it. This will be the happy medium for me.

I hope everyone has an amazing Memorial Day Weekend - Make sure to BBQ something!!!! 

Now - for the Friday Funnies:

Three Day Weekend Dance: 

Three Day Weekend Truths: 

Three Day Weekend Fail: 

And the funniest thing I have seen all week:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Thoughts of Intolerance and Ranting

Well - This week has been a running every other day sort of thing - not because I do not want to run, but because life has really gotten in the way. Sunday was due to the poor decision making from Saturday - Tuesday was due to waking up way too late -  And today was due to last nights very aggressive Hapkido class. I have found bruises in places I wasn't sure could bruise. Tylenol is not cutting it - and I am sitting on a heating pad.

Consider me: 

I have 3 or 4 things that I have to get done today - but, I am not in the mood to do them. But, I will probably push through - and then die under my desk. Today is a read a book in the comfiest pajamas you own kind of day. I would be so content if I could just curl up with a book for the rest of the day.

We had to wake Emry up at 6:30am so he could get ready to leave for his 2nd Grade trip to the Bronx Zoo - They wanted the kids at the school at 7:30am, so that the bus could depart at 7:45am. Waking up our son 35 minutes earlier made no one content this morning. Klay and I are sore from HPK and Emry is still in a REM cycle. This resulted in us grunting and whining at each other for the morning.  

But, it being Thursday - there is some relief with that. I mean, tomorrow isn't even a full day - that's something, right? And perhaps I can go home and just die relax after I pick up Emry from the school. The buses should return from the field trip around 5p.

I came to the realization yesterday, that I am 
1) Old
2) a Mom
3) Have no tolerance

I read something completely asinine, and began to sing: 

You know who you are as a person when you adapt a Disney song to a cursive tirade. Just saying.

But even with all of my low tolerance, my epic amount of soreness - I have made pretty decent choices with my eating. Especially given the fact that I have a box of DELICIOUS chocolate truffles from SPWF (I got 12 of them, and since Friday night, I have eaten 5 - meaning I have shown great restraint) and I also have a box of Dark Chocolate Guinness Truffles that Lissa brought me back from Ireland. Normally, the stress or the pain would lead me straight to the CRAP FOOD. And I would go DEEP. I know I'm getting back on track when this thought occurred to me, and was ignored. Little victories?

I'll leave you with this. Because it is HYSTERICAL

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Confessions & Hashtags (5/20/15)

Here we are again - another Wednesday, and we are already 2/3 of the way through the month of May - I mean, when did that happen.

I'm linking up with quite a few people today, please see the buttons on the right side of the blog!

See, the thing is, when I told you I was off on Friday, I truly thought I was - only to find out that our building is closing early. I will still be home before the rush of traffic, and that's still kind of awesome - but, color me disappointed #whyGAWDwhy #stupidwork

I follow quite a few blogs, and I always try to comment - But, I must admit, even though I am aware of the "click here to prove you are not a robot", I always forget to. #notarobot #justalittleforgetful #jeezlouise #bloggingproblems

I posted my pictures from SPWF, on my personal facebook page, and I have been getting a little flack from my boss. She says it's my "dark side" coming out. Which: 1) I find kind of disrespectful 2) think is rude and 3) seriously? It's just a little makeup. I'll give you it's weird, and a little different - - But because I put (albeit scary) makeup on, and dress up in a (really cool) outfit - doesn't mean I have a dark side. And being as which she knows nothing of my past, I really think it's wrong of her to label cosplay as a dark side, just because she doesn't understand it. #tryingtokeepmymouthshut #reallywanttoputherinherplace #peoplesaystupidshit

I have been making great strides into "getting back to healthy" - last week I ran (jogged quickly) 5 out of 7 days, and this week I have ran twice (so far), and gone to 2 TKD classes. I'm feeling pretty good, and am not overly pushing myself - so I know I'll be able to keep this going. #backtohealthy #stillreallywantallthefood #nocaloriesinsmellingdeliciousness

This weekend, we really need to get the house ready for the crazy upcoming summer. Get the clutter away, get the rest of the sticks off the grass, and get to all of those "I'll do it later" chores. My hopes is to get all of my winter stuff up in the attic, as well. #cleanfreak #cluttermakesmeitch

We are starting the process of getting a new patio installed, and even though we have saved the money to get it done - I am secretly afraid to drop this amount of $$$$ - because I know the second we do, something else is going to break in the house. #whenitrainsitpours #justwanttokeepallmymoney #scaredtospendanything #reallywantthatpatiothough #itsalmostbbqseason

That's all I got today - I'll leave y'all with some funny stuff!

 Dafuq?. 1 fat guy in lingerie, 2 umpa lumpa's at his side, 2 rabbits crying wat can you say. II I an l . olmali Mr 'is THE BEST PICTURE EVER This is it. This completely sums up what i think of when i think of /b/  

dafuq did i just read. . CAME had like the best night out ' WI‘ ' I 'lilli' and haning 'l! rall' i' mm haw ‘ that our rant an and have the ; ;. wtf is "root on" ????? were they drinking root beer or doing math? im so confused by this new generation of kids...pic related i think? mfw square roo

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Alaska Jane the Moose Pyrenees

A rescue dog's journey doesn't necessarily end once they find their furever home. Alaska Jane Moose has worked her way into our home and hearts since January.

We went for her second vet visit this past Friday morning and we covered a lot of ground during this visit:

  1. Alaska has been cleared, and no longer has Heart worms. This was a long process, and now we just need to continue to give her the preventative medicine. This means that we are free and clear to start taking her on long hikes and getting her thoroughly exercised.

  2. Alaska has gained another 5lbs and is now a whopping 112lbs. Even with her new haircut, she looks so filled out and strong. We couldn't be more happy with her physical appearance. And another note about her haircut - It has been 15 days since we got Moose shaved down for the summer, and her primary coat is already making a comeback. Even though I have gotten mixed (very vocal) opinions on whether or not this is appropriate for a large dog - I am still happy that I have done this. The weather has been hot and muggy - and she hasn't been panting up a storm - I know she is comfortable. And I think her fluffy tail is adorable.
  3. The one bad thing we learned, is that based on a very brief occurrence, that Alaska may or may not have epilepsy. It was a definitive diagnosis, based on an encounter that happened last Tuesday... Where Alaska lost her balance, and looked like she was passing out. The whole event took 2 minutes to start and stop - but still it scared the life out of us. The vet says that it could be epilepsy or asymptomatic syncope (aka: a one time fainting spell). He isn't sure, and we need to just keep an eye out for if it happens again.
  4. Due to her very sedated demeanor and lack of "bounce" - he has also determined that she may be in a constant state of discomfort, due to the lacking musculature in her rear legs. After clearing her bloodwork for any inconsistencies - she will now be starting a mild anti-inflammatory NSAID medication known as Rimadyl. In ten days if she shows improvement, we will keep her on it. However, if it does not show any improvement - we will start looking into her thyroid.

  5.  And then there is the gross part - It is very common for the Pyrenees breed to have impacted Anal Glands - We will have to continue bringing Alaska periodically to the vet to have them expressed. It's totally gross, but otherwise she is itchy and uncomfortable - and I can't allow that.

 Overall Alaska Jane Moose, or Miss Moose, is doing great - she is a part of our family, and we love her so. She is clearly becoming quite attached to us as well.

Adopting a dog from a rescue is so important please consider doing so if you are looking for a furry friend.

Because I really feel that she rescued us - not the other way around.

Rescued quote #5

Happy Tuesday friends!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekending - 2015 Steampunk's World Fair

Welcome back to the start of another work week. Hopefully, like me, you all only have to make it to Thursday. Yay Memorial Day Weekend! I can't wait to share with you all about my weekend - so let's just jump right into it. As you know, I have been prepping all month for the Steampunk's World Fair - and this is the weekend it took place.


Friday I was up at the crack of dawn, I had to pack as much as I could - and then be out of the house to do errands before we left. We took Alaska the Moose to her follow up Vet appointment (more on that tomorrow), and I stopped at Pineapple Day Spa to get my hair done Pin-up style for Day 1 of SPWF. The look I was going for on Friday, was a Sky Captain who had been through more than a few scrapes. This is the look I was using the liquid latex for. arrived at SPWF around 230p, and started the check in process for the Embassy Suites Hotel. Now, if you have never been to SPWF, I highly recommend this hotel as where you lay your head. The hotel is more open, the breakfast buffet in the morning is amazing, and the  rooms are amazing. You have enough room to lay all of your stuff down, and still have room to stretch your legs out. I hate when I go to a hotel and my luggage takes the majority of the usable space in a room. The Embassy Suites gives you that little extra room to feel comfortable. The staff is also very accommodating.
Once we were checked in, I began the process of applying the latex and getting the beauty makeup together. I have to admit, I have never done the makeup better. The look came out amazing - I was so pleased with the result. And, to boot, hubby and I finally had a cohesive look.We were stopped by many fair goers and professional photographers. It made me so happy that my idea translated out to a look that was well received. favorite part of this event is the workshops and lectures. The first thing we went to was Professor Mark Donnelly's lecture on "Contraptions: The (Rube) Goldberg Variations" which was described as "bizarre Victorian inventions which were patented, manufactured and marketed but never quite caught on. These are the ‘pocket fisherman’ and ‘shake weight’ of their day." I can't even tell you how funny this lecture was. It's like those commercials you see on TV - just buy now, and you get not one but two, and if you order in the next ten minute - we'll throw in the matching carrying case. A slide would appear on the screen - and he would discuss the invention and it's "supposed" use. The room was packed, and we were all having a good time commenting and laughing at the inventions. One of the funniest moments during this lecture is when Professor Donnelly pulled up a slide of a woman taking a shower, in a mask - that would cover her makeup. Shower and not ruin your makeup. I looked at him, and gave him the Are you kidding look... and there was definitely the moment in the room, where NO ONE wanted to know why this was ever considered! We moved on quickly. Another cool invention - which seems to have moved on into this era was the monocycle. I couldn't imagine riding in one, but the idea of it makes me slightly dizzy. Oh - and there were a couple of slides of Steampunk Tanks - enough said. that panel was over - we decided that dinner needed to happen. We left the hotel - and traveled about 12 minutes away to Harold's Famous Deli. Harold's is legendary for their HUGE sandwiches. Our goal was to buy a sandwich - and then eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. I got this reuben sandwich, and I swear - it was enough food for 5 people. The meat was amazing - not greasy at all. And there was a PICKLE BAR - I love pickles - And they had pickled hot cherry peppers. Heaven - I was in STUFFED FOOD COMA HEAVEN!

We drove back to the event, and that's when the shopping began. First off we stopped at Tea & Absinthe to pick up the pre-order chocolate truffles. I will only buy tea from this company. The flavors are exquisite - and there are so many to choose from. Their chocolate truffles are out of this world, and I must admit they are the best I have ever eaten.

And then we made our way through the one hotel - to say hi to our friends Scott & Cheryl, who run Mrs. Pettigrew's Fantastical Feathered Millinery. Right next to their booth was the company, Mad Girl Clothing by Pendragon Costumes, and my husband had been eyeing a brown leather trench (they call it the Flying Squad Coat) since last year - I am pleased to say that I finally got him into that coat. It looks amazing on him - and he could not be more happy with it. One thing I can say about the vendors - is that they are all masters of their craft, and still, they take the time to talk to each customer, and really show you how much they love what they do. I am very big on buying items from small companies - rather than mass produced items. The craftsmanship of hubby's coat alone - Worth it's weight in gold. You will spend more money for items made by hand with love, but they will always have more character and look better than anything you can pick up in a retail store.

smokemirrors_2015Wandering around, listening to music, seeing Azkadelia on the aerial ropes - this is the way we meandered through SPWF on Friday night. One of the things we wanted to see was a side show comedy called Christopher the Witch Doctor. We showed up to the atrium - and when the show was supposed to be starting, we watched the act walking away. I suppose there weren't a lot of people watching - so they just kind of left. Major disappointment - but, we just went back to the room, and relaxed until the last show, for us, for the night. The Smoke and Mirrors Peepshow is an up-and-coming classicly inspired burlesque troupe from New Jersey that harkens back to the decadent heyday of burlesque, and is hosted by Reverand James "The Voice". Now, burlesque may not be your thing - but, I highly recommend this troupe. The girls are amazing performers, the host is hysterical - and it is very classy. Give it one shot - I promise, you will leave, at the very least, entertained.
There was an interactive showing of the Princess Bride - but, there was no way I could keep my eyes open any longer - so we headed to bed.


Above, I wrote about the amazing breakfast buffet at our hotel - but let me explain. Not only do they have the scrambled eggs, pancakes, multiple bagel/toast, bacon/sausage yada yada - They also have a made to order omelette station, fresh fruit, oatmeal, multiple cereal thing going on too. My breakfast was heavenly.

photo by: Ron Frary
After breakfast we went up to the room, and I began doing the makeup for my Dark Victoriana look. I had found a makeup tutorial on Pinterest - which came with an amazing video. The total makeup took about an hour to do. The look was well received, and I had a lot of lovely photographers and fair goers snapping pictures of me. It really great to go to each photographers facebook page and see my face in their photo albums. It shows that the ideas in my head translate out to an eye catching look.

Our first stop was to the workshop "Kicking Ass in a Corset"  a Bartitsu workshop which will focus on self-defense techniques for women in all circumstances based on the common accessories of Edwardian Ladies (as practiced by the ‘Amazons” or Suffragist Bodyguard.) I have mentioned this once or twice - the hands on workshops are my favorite part of the SPWF. Professor Mark Donnelly is compelling to watch, and will really get involved during the workshop to make sure you have are executing the drill correctly. He obviously loves what he does, and I only wished we lived closer to Harrisburg, PA. In Harrisburg, he runs  Keystone Academy of Dueling and Swordsmanship (K.A.D.S). I know my husband would agree that if we lived even an hour closer, we would be regular students.

The next panel we went to was the "Camera Obscura - An Open Dark Victoriana Photo Shoot" ran by Babs Daniel, who is the head photographer for the SPWF. The purpose of this panel was to learn how to make the most of your photos during an event, or how to properly position your perfected person to parade to outsiders? At the end of it, Babs very graciously took pictures of whomever wanted them. It was an amazing learning experience, that you do not necessarily need all of the fancy equipment to get a great picture. It was truly an honor to meet her. When I had written her to let her know I would be attending the panel, and how much I looked forward to meeting her - she said we would take an "Awkward Instagram Selfie" together, unfortunately that moment never happened, as we were passing ships through the gear filled ocean - but, I know the next time we come across each other, that the most AWKWARD OF AWKWARD pics will be taken.

On Saturday, I wanted to change into a more formal aspect of my dark look - so I went out shopping for a corset. Yes, I have a bunch of them already - but, I needed something more elegant for our Dinner of Sin. Which was a wonderful buffet meal, with a burlesque show. Smoke and Mirrors put on a completely different show then the night prior - focused around the different deadly sins. Of course, I have no pictures of this, as I feel it be inappropriate to the dancers - but, I can show you the amazing purple corset I found while shopping. It's one of the great things about going shopping at an event like this - there are multiple vendors - all with slightly different items. You aren't looking at the same piece 100 different places.

This beautiful corset is steel boned burlesque style corset, which I found very appro-po given the evenings dinner "theater", and I picked it up for $75. The vendor is called, Milton's Emporium, and the corset was imported from China.

Before dinner, we stopped for the lecture on "Vampirism & the Premature Burial in Modern London" given by Nicole Salomone. She is described as a "history of medicine scholar", and she regaled us with tales of the undead and the mostly dead in Early Modern London, a time in English history where the lines between life and death were blurred due to medical misunderstandings. The presentation was great, however, it seems that as knowledgeable as Miss Salomone was on the subject, she was uncomfortable lecturing to a packed conference room. I did really enjoy the material though.

Now after dinner, this where the night got a little crazy and blurred. I need to say this and only this: went to a "Super Secret Speakeasy", a not so secret paid event, with an open bar - and I made some really poor choices. The primary poor choice was drinking whiskey gingers in excess with a whiskey that had two K's in the name. Poor choices - and I learned that I am a 30 year old woman, not a 21year old party girl - and that the room does in fact spin when you drink 5 whiskkey gingers.  Moving on....


I crawled ---- dragged ----- moved like a sloth ---- died out of bed, and my father graciously went downstairs to grab me as many toasted bread products as possible. I am not going to lie, it's my fault that I felt like death. But, we were able to pack out the room and check out by 11am. But we did not leave - oh no no no.

I signed hubby up for a private group lesson with Prof. Donnelly for "Tactical Principles of 19th Century Bowie Knife". This was a small group of about 10 people, and the amount of detail and instruction during an hour was extreme.

And multiple times Hubs was used as the demo dummy (yes, I called my husband a dummy) for the class. I have a lot of great - GREAT pictures from this. So I am going to share them. But, let me just tell you a couple of things: 1) my husband was sweating like a beast in 85 degree temperatures and 2) he had a freaking ball getting "stabbed" by Professor Donnelly. Hopefully next time around, I can take the private lesson. *Squeeeeeee*


After the lesson, we had a quick lunch in the other hotels bar - and met up with my Cousin Mike, who lives really close to Piscataway, NJ. We walked around with him and his fiance - while they did a little shopping. The last thing we attended at the SPWF was "The Last Drop of Tea" described as: "The last drop of tea is the one with the most flavor–whether it’s sweetness, if you’ve put sugar in, or the character of the tea itself–it’s concentrated at the bottom, at the very end." It was great time to say goodbye to the new friends we had made, and enjoy delicious teas from the Dryad Tea Company. The sweet and savory snacks could have been better - but, I find each year, the teas get more refined and closer to the image (that I have) of a tea event.  

We drove home - unpacked - picked up Emry and Alaska the Moose from my In-Laws. And had pizza for dinner.

This weekend was utterly amazing - and a great stress reliever. I know that it may not be your thing - but I highly suggest you try out a Steampunk event just once in your life. I promise you will walk away amazed. 

We look forward to our next Steampunk event in June. 

So - How was your weekend?

* disclaimer - this post is my own thoughts and views on the Steampunk World's Fair - Most pictures are taken by me, or borrowed from the Steampunk World's Fair website. The two professional pictures are credited to their photographers *

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Uh no - Thursday Thoughts - Professionalism

I'm sorry I need to start this post of with this - because I just can't stop laughing at this.
If you are married or in a committed relationship - you will totally laugh at this too.


I mean - seriously - anyone not laughing at this? Now this is not to say that my hubs and I aren't affectionate. But, we are very far from sickening. Sorry - still giggling - cannot continue post.

*brief intermission*

Anyway, Hello Friends - It is Thursday (and it's my Friday) - We have almost made it through this week, and I say it's okay to rejoice a little early.  

Today is going to be the craziest day ever. Now this is only because work has to get in the way of me getting through my check list. Being away for the weekend means that all the cleaning and food shopping needs to be done tonight. So - here is the list:

  1. Get home and do hw with kid
  2. Make shopping list
  3. Go to Sams Club, Wal*Mart, and Price Chopper to get items on list
  4. Unpack Groceries
  5. Vacuum Upstairs
  6. Clean Bathrooms
  7. Clean Kitchen
  8. Get laundry clean and at least in the dryer
  9. Start packing for SPWF
  10. Pack Kid and Dog to go to the In-Laws
  11. Get to 8p TKD class

The term - "running like a chicken with its head cutoff" - comes to mind. Can I accomplish all of this between 5p & 745p? So that I can actually make it to #11? I don't know. Really - I am hoping that someone will offer to help with #'s 5,6, and 7 - Because then I could totally cover it.  

Yesterday, during work - One of my co-workers sends me an email - basically asking me to do her job. Can you do x,y, and z - so I don't have to do so much work. Is basically what was in the email. I had to professionally respond, and let her know that if she wants that information from my office - she can wait until that report comes out or do it herself. But in my head I was really thinking -  - - - 

This particular co-worker is notorious for pushing work off on other people so she can do online shopping or what have you. I get my work done - I purposely push through all of my work, and get things done ahead of time - so I can do this - BLOG - I mean, priorities, seriously, figure out your own job. 

Other than that - I really have this one, not very important, project to get done today... so that when I walk out this door - I can strut my stuff knowing that I am completely free of ALL WORK. 

So - I'm going to get to it - Can't wait to finish this day - so I can be like -