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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

End of Day... Come on 4p

You ever have one od those days that completely flies by?
That was my day... well up until now. 3:21p and I get out at 4p.
Somehow God thinks it be funny, just to slow down time.
Seconds as long as Minutes, Minutes as long as Hours.

Today was a flurry of paper work, emails, and running around.
I think I had lunch, I think I remember sitting down, doing absolutely nothing....
*looks up and thinks*
That was today, right?


He wants to take me out to dinner, on one of our weekends away.

Since we've started dating, my Heart, has taken me away once every month or so just so we can have "us" time. With me having my son a good portion of the month, and sharing the house with my father... it is very rare that we can spend time just as "us".

So, we go away...

Okay, so going out to dinner, is a normal thing on our weekends away. But, this time, he wants to take me somewhere where it is required for him to wear a jacket. Which is not like him at all, he's rugged, mountain man, hiking, hippy sort of guy... I love him. .. ... But, he knows, how much I love to wear dresses. He also knows, that I am not used to being taken out... anywhere.
So, I am told that I am going to wear a dress to dinner.

I tell him:

You do not have to do this.
I enjoy our weekends away, regardless of the agenda.

He replies:

Baby if I thought I HAD to do this to keep you happy, we wouldn't be together. Love you 

And, I glow.
He gets me.
He really does.

I didn't think I could get, all the things I wanted from a man.
I thought they were impossible.
Not with him.

Happiness like this is priceless.

God hates me.
I had a whole flash back moment in my head, and I only wasted 6 minutes.

Rambling, to waste time.


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