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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The mange..

Every year we take my son for Easter Bunny pictures.
He gets dressed up, and smiles pretty... it's a yearly thing.

I am addicted to pictures.
My mother never really took any, and if she did, she never displayed them.
I take a ton of pictures of my family, of our adventures, and I make sure that they are seen.
I think it's important to catalog your memories.
Helps you to remember the goodtimes, and gives you things to strive for.

So, this year, we go to our local mall, to price out said bunny picture.
The new Easter Bunny...  has the fracking MANGE.
Looks like this suit has been in storage with black mold.
I swear to God.

What would you do?
Take the picture with the Mange Rabbit?
Or just skip it?

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