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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Boy. 4 day weekend and now.. back to work?! NOOOO!

Yeah, I had a 4 day weekend.
I haven't had one of those since High School.
And, Friday and Monday were paid days off.

For all of you asking, what is this Huzzah-nonsense... Ahem!
huz·zah also huz·za  audio  (h-zä) KEY
Used to express joy, encouragement, or triumph.
  1. A shout of "huzzah."
  2. A cheer.
Now I'm at work, on the Tuesday, following my 4 day break.
I completely want to be back in bed.

But, let me tell you about my Easter.

Friday, everyone was off.
Klay, Emry, my father, and I...
We planted seeds (Carrots, Chives, wildflowers, and Sunflowers)... and watched movies, and really had a nice day.

We all spent the morning quietly. Watching TV together, checking on our newly planted seeds (Emry really doesn't get the concept that this is going to take some time, no matter how much I tell him).
Then, we made Easter Eggs... Yep, hard boiled, and dyed... Then we added stickers and glitter.
They looked pretty awesome, considering a 4 year old did them.
He was really excited and placed the dried specimens into his handmade basket! (His new school took a 1/2 gallon milk container, cut, stapled, and painted it to look like an Easter basket. Too Cute. Did I mention I love his new school?)
Then my father took Joe to the movies, while Klay and I tried to move things into his new apartment.
We wanted to get some painting done, because his new apartment is half blue half pink... It's a very confused apartment. *smiles*
The heat wasn't turned on, so it was too cold and damp to paint. So, we just moved in the basic essentials, nothing that will hinder us from painting.

SUNDAY sunday SUNDAY!!!!!
The Eggstravaganza known as Easter Sunday, started at 7:30a. Where Emry scoured the house for hidden Eggs.
I want to note out of 16 eggs (left by the Head Bunny himself!) only 5 had candy. The rest were filled with trinkets and money... and stickers. Emry didn't seem to mind. Thank the lord.
We then went to lunch with Klay's family. His grandmother's birthday is the 27th, so we celebrated that too. Ate until I was stuffed, Emry as well.. And then played with the cutest English Bulldog Ever.
We went home, where I started to make dinner for my father, Emry, and Klay.
Why did my father not attend the lunch? That's a good question.

My father believes, that the meeting of the families, means something. He told me, he didn't want to put too much pressure on my relationship, by involving himself.
Which is code for: Your divorce was recently finalized, and even though you've been alone, and now have found a man I could actually see you marrying, who deserves you, I don't want you to rush it. Take your time, or I'll beat you up.

However, my dinner, came up... fan-friggin-tastic.
Yeah, it was that good.
Oven Roasted Leg of Lamb (in a red wine, grapefruit, garlic butter reduction), Garlic Thyme Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Spinach.

I'm proud of myself for that!.

Emry went to school, and I had the day off... kind of.
I did grocery shopping, did the sheets, and some wash... emptied the dishwasher... went with Klay to pack more stuff into his apartment (No, the heat isn't turned on yet, they are waiting for the propane to be delivered, perhaps today, and my feelings on this are YOU RENTED AN APARTMENT, THIS SHIT SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN CARE OF WHEN YOU SAID YOU WOULD RENT IT TO HIM! JESUS!) and then, enjoyed my boyfriend. Spent adult time, just being us. So Nice. I highly recommend spending one night/day/afternoon with your loved one a week (at least)... just the two of you. Helps join you. I swear. Then, we picked up Emry, and had a Taco Dinner Night. Yeah, I had to pull out the vacuum to get the shredded cheese off the floor, but all in all... so much fun.

I am very happy, with my family dynamic, as of recently.
I am quite sure, that this, right here, is what I am supposed to feel.
Happiness has really been achieved.

Now, let's actually get some work done, while I'm at work.

Until later...

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