People Just as Crazy as Me

Friday, April 15, 2011


The other day, a mother of 4 children, put them into her minivan, and drove into a local River.
Reports say, as the car began to sink, she climbed into the backseat and said to her children, "If I am going to die, you are going to die with me."
Something about that message struck with her, because she came back to sanity, realized she made a mistake, and allowed her 10 year old son, to flee and get help.
It was too late, by time someone found him, and they got back to the car. The mother, and 3 other children, had drowned.

It's been on the news every day since it happened, the story going deeper and deeper, as the 10-year old boy begins to talk about it.

And, all I feel...
Is sadness.
Complete and utter sadness.

Police say there was domestic disputes/violence within the home...
That the woman had been feeling like she was being followed, and that she had been seeing lights flickering on and off in her house. Which sounds like drug use, or mental illness to me.

She took her kids with her.
Lives that could have developed, and molded, even with the tragic end of her mother (if she had chose to do this alone).
But now, her 10-year old son, will have to live life, knowing his mother took his family from him.

There's nothing to be done about this. He is in the proper place. I hope Children and Family services do everything they can for this boy. Who will face a lifetime of strife due to this.

I think of my son, everytime I hear this story.

He is the reason I chose to better myself.
He is the reason I straightened up.
He is my life.
I could never imagine taking my life, let alone taking his life...

I wake up everyday trying to do the right thing, for him.
He deserves everything in this world.
And I am the one who will give it to him.

I have so many feelings that come from this tragic story.

Makes you think about family, about love, and about life.
I'm happy and blessed to have all three in my life.

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