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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Birds, Humid Evenings, Furry Vengance x 100000, Taco Tuesdays, and a Clingy Moment.

When we were leaving yesterday morning, there was a baby bird on our walkway. I told Emry if it were still there when we got home, we would build a nest in a shoe box, and (with gloves on) place the bird in there.
When we got home last night... not one baby bird... but 5 or 6 of them. Obviously today was the day they were supposed to learn to fly. So, from one side of our Driveway/Parking Area to the other these little birds flew. Trying to understand their new wings. Except, for the little one we had seen in the early morning hours. He was far smaller than the rest, and you could tell, was not ready. So the mommy bird flew down to where he sat on my driveway, and tried to demonstrate. No luck. Finally, the baby bird (I thought he looked like a Nigel... but, I'm weird) hopped over to the fence where his mother perched, and he climbed up as if to say, "I can keep up. Please don't leave me behind." It was kind of sad. But it started to pour so Emry and I had to go inside.
SIDE NOTE: Hope Nigel is okay.. didn't see him this morning.

Once in side we started our Taco Tuesday evening... which is my favorite dinner of the week, Emry's too. We get to be a little messy, and have a good time.

Fast forward to FURRY VENGANCE. He watches it at least once a day.... I am going to poke my eyes out. It's not a horrible movie, it has a good message underneath the slapstick comedy.... But, after the second time. I WAS DONE. I think he knew that, and that's why he wants to repeatedly watch it.

That's right... I think it's spite. **rolls eyes** Never to young to start I suppose! haha.

After Emry was in bed, Klay graced me with his presence, and towards bedtime, I needed him to stay... I don't know why, but I really needed it. And, I hope we can all tell, I'm not like that. I am fine with my own space... I am fine to have distance in this newly formed union.. I want to get to know him better.... and better... I want to really know him before anything gets oober serious.
SIDE NOTE: Yeah I said oober.

So, Klay obliged... he rarely says no to a request... I rarely make them... And I rarely say no to him, because he rarely asks for anything either. But, last night, was the most humid night. And around 1230a, he woke me up, telling me he had to go home... (I don't have A/C in my bedroom, and haven't took the window fans out of storage yet)........I knew he wouldn't be able to sleep... so I let him go.........It be wrong if I made him stay if he were that uncomfortable.

But, then, I couldn't sleep....
At all....
So, I sat awake, wondering why I was having such a clingy moment. Why on this night? And, I can't place it... I just sat awake... watching it get lighter and lighter outside....

And now...
I am exhausted.

I don't want to do anything, and yet, here I sit at work... Praying for a project, just so I can have some busy work. So, I don't fall asleep where I sit.

I especially don't want to let him know that I couldn't sleep after he left... that would make me seem way too girly and clingy.... So, will I lie? NO. I don't lie... but, I will probably just avoid the question... Not as bad, right?

Happy Wednesday World.

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  1. I didn't sleep either. Just tell him you were too hot to sleep