People Just as Crazy as Me

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blargh... Arghhh

I am a young mother... not the youngest... but you know 26 year old woman with a 4 year old... I get some looks... People are so judgemental... And the fact that I look like I'm 14 with out any makeup on.. or in jeans and a t-shirt... makes matters worse.

Being a 26 year old  mother, is hard sometimes.. SOCIALLY SPEAKING.
Yes, I have been married, and divorced, and I date now.. I have a social life... But friends...
I miss my "friends"....  I guess they are more of acquaintances now...

Yesterday, during work, I got a text from my friend Angelica, inviting Emry and I over to play with waterbaloons and have icepops. I haven't seen her in forever, and since she said I could bring my lil' one, I said sure. Well, we had a great time, for an hour... and then... cars upon cars start pulling in... It was a party. No big deal, right?

YES. It was a big deal.. because with the cars upon cars.. came the beer... and the liquor, and a ratio of 14 adults to 1 child....none of them being appropriate, or careful around my kid.
I had to leave. I couldn't stay, I couldn't let my son be around that. It be different if there were more children... and everyone acknowledged that there was a child present.

I can't blame them though... they're 20'somethings... with no kids..... and are barely out of college, doing side jobs just to make enough money to hang out. I'm not that, I haven't been that in a while... So, I can't judge.

However, I am a little upset at Angelica.
She should have known better to invite me to something, without telling me about the entire idea of it. She knows how much I strive to be a good parent.... She KNOWS... **shakes head**
I don't know what to say... But, I would never invite a "friend" and her kid to my home... if the concept was to have an adult party.... I would invite them, let them know that we could hang... and when people started to show, may be it would be better if they took their kid home, put them to bed, and if they could... come back later.


I was really sad.
I just sometimes wish I could be that carefree...

I love my son.
I love my life....
But, sometimes, I think... did this all happen too soon?
Instances like last night... well, that's how they make me feel....

But, now... I'm just upset, and wanting to just inch (even farther away) from my "friends" who don't understand my lifestyle... I just can't deal with the plethura of emotions that comes with hanging with them anymore.

And I shouldn't be made to feel bad about working a steady 8-4 job... SO I CAN AFFORD MY MORTGAGE AND UTILITIES AND FOOD AND CLOTHES FOR MY KID LET ALONE ME.
If I hear, "You can't come out to drink, on a Wednesday night? You have work again?" I am buying a semi-automatic and calling it a night.


Happy Friday people!


  1. I'm 27 and I have a three-year-old. I was married at 19 so I know that question of, was this all too soon? But then I think about all the amazing moments I have had as a mother and how hard I have worked to be where I'm at.
    Then I feel kinda sorry for my friends who are like yours. At least I have a purpose and am working for something. Partying all time is not an end-game, it's temporary escape. If your friends don't appreciate what you're trying to do, their not really friends.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I get that a lot too. "Just bring the kids anyway, they can play while we have some fun..." Yeah, right. The sad part is that I have other mommy friends who do the same thing. They don't seem to mind inviting a bunch of people over for an adult party, with their kids in the next room, left to watch tv or play on their own for hours.