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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear State Department of Tax and Finance (A Love Note)

Dear State Department of Tax and Finance,

I would like to tell you that I am a big fan of your organization.
I would also like to tell you, I appreciate your speedy service, and how fast you usual expidite my claim.

I want to know what I have done wrong?
That you are denying me the childcare deduction I so rightly deserve.
My son went to daycare ALL year, and the daycare was even really great to give me an annual report, so that you could know how much I spent on providing my child with a safe place to learn and grow. Well, actually, to be truthful, it turned out to be a safe place... but there wasn't much learning. That's why we changed his daycare this year...
Soooo.... Anyway.... As I was saying.
He did go to daycare and you have the proof but still you asked for the following:
*proof of residence (for a 4 year old boy)
* his birth certificate (as if he's not real)
* proof of childcare charges (we've covered this already!)

You told me that I would send you those things, and that you would give me my refund... and then... well, you denied me AGAIN.

I'm confused, I thought we had a good thing going here... I give you all the paperwork necessary, file my taxes as soon as physically possible, and you... YOU are supposed to give me ALL of my RETURN!

Are we breaking up?
Is this your way of telling me you don't want to see me anymore?

At least you did it in a letter, and not a text. I would have freaked over that!

In summary,
I love you.
I will send more paperwork if that will make you happier.
I just would like my childcare refund, so that my son can continue to go to a very good Pre-school, with an amazing curriculmn.



Yeah, that's how I spent my weekend... worrying about how I was going to get my refund from the state.

*rolls eyes*

Nothing much to write... I'm too enflamed.
I will type when I am not seeing red.....

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