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Friday, May 6, 2011

Hair Dye.. IS NOT... MY FRIEND

I'd like to think that I share the same genetic makeup with "the horse of a different color" fromt he Wizard of Oz.

Not that I'm part horse... but, I cannot keep my hair one color for very long...
I started dyeing my hair at 16, and have only taken a break while I was pregnant with my son.

Let me first tell you the progression of my hair....

Natural Color (I don't remember what it was)
Burgundy Highlights
Caramel Brown
Blonde Highlights
Dark Brown
Green (like forest green)
Blue highlights
Purple and Blue
Brown with blonde highlights (I got married, needed natural color hair)
Pink (to cover the blonde highlights)
Brown fading and growing out into natural color... which I still don't remember.
Right after I had Emry, I cut all my hair off and dyed it pink.
Then it faded to blonde.
then burgundy.
Then blue...
rinse and repeat...

But, now, I work a corporate job.. my hair needs to stay in the realm of normal color.
I recently highlighted my hair blonde, but the upkeep is too much at the moment, so I dyed it back to dark dark brown.
Only to find out... I missed a complete section of hair. The underneath part, hardly noticeable, but yeah, there is still blonde.....
My friend Melissa came over to help me weed out and re-dye said hair... only to find ANOTHER blonde streak this morning.


So hair dye, after our long love affair, I am firing you.
You are not performing the duties that you were hired to do.


Sorry for the self indulgent post.
But, it's happened to all of us.... RIGHT?

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  1. You know what pisses me off? The 'cool' colored dyes that are supposed to last like 6 weeks, or whatever?... On me, they last 2 washes. They NEVER stick. And I put them on and leave them on overnight. I've even tried blow drying htem. Nothing.