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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

We are half way through the week people!
Who's excited?

*Pauses for answer*

No one?! Really?!

I am.

If it's Wednesday that means that Friday is 2 days away.
That means, I will be able to go on my getaway with Klayvn.

Well, that means I should be going on my getaway...
Klay is getting a cold.
And, he kind of blamed it on sharing some of Emry's iced tea over the weekend.

I hear this, and giggle.

"But, he isn't sick."

"He's a kid, they carry loads of germs, stuff he's probably already immune to, that I'm not."

I roll my eyes.

I love him. I really do.

However, You are a grown man, who has been sick a million more times than my four year old.
You have had ALL your vaccinations (at least I assume he has) and my four year old has not.
Your logic is flawed.
I love you.
It's flawed.
At least on this subject.

I said none of this to him. But, I was really thinking it. 

I also thought....

You just moved into a new apartment. You have been painting, sanding, dusting, etc. to get it to your liking. Is there a chance... even a little one... that maybe all that YUCK got up into your sinuses or chest... and that gave you the SNIFFLES?

But, I digress.

I love him. But, don't blame 2 sips of an iced tea, on how crummy you are feeling 4 days later.

That is absurd!

If in fact he is too sick to go away... I wouldn't mind a weekend of just us. Watching movies, and lounging.
Our alone time is special to me.
Doesn't matter where it is.

I will be disappointed. Not going to lie about that.
This getaway is completely secret to me.
I don't know where we are staying , where we'll go to dinner. All I was told is that I was required to where a dress... that's amazing. I love wearing dresses.

So, based on those factors alone, I would be disappointed.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for his sniffle recovery.

I think I am going to start posting some pictures as well...
Emry has been making the most adorable projects at his new school.
I want to share them with all of you!!

Oh, and BTW:

WHY WE SUCK by Dr. Denis Leary

(yes, I know, Denis Leary, the comedian, HAS A DOCTORATE.)

It's a hysterical book.

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