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Thursday, May 12, 2011

In T-minus 2 months and 9 days...

In 2 months and 9 days, I will go on my first ever family vacation with Emry.
I know this sounds weird... Yes, we have been on vacations before this one... but always to see family, or stay with family... Never us going to a tourist trap, staying in a packed hotel, and being... well, TOURISTS!

It's sad that this is a milestone... but it is.
When I was married, these weren't an option... we barely had enough money to get by. This was mainly because the ex could barely hold down a job that paid... and when he did have a decent job with pay, he was always wasting his (it was never ours) on stupid crap... We never had any savings.

So tell me, how I get divorced, am making a reasonable salary (we get by, I wish we could get by better, but that will take time) and I have a savings? I can afford to take my son on a cool vacation!  Explain that? Oh wait, I can... allow me.... I can do this because I have eliminated the dead weight from our world, the selfish man child that was keeping our family away from greatness!


Venting feels good.

So, anyway back to my point... 2 months and 9 days = vacation. Which also means, I have to wear a bathing suit.


Before pregnancy I was 5'4 and 108lbs.... After pregnancy I was 5'4 180lbs... yup, I gained 72 lbs... and today, I am 145lbs... My BMI is 42.5.... So it's a little high... A healthy BMI is 40 (at least the last time I checked it was). If I lost 10 lbs, I would be within (if not a little under) a BMI of 40.

So, I have 2 months, to do this... Shouldn't be so hard right? It's not like I want to drop 40 or 50 pounds... just a measly ten.

So, I am trying to cut out the dreaded morning BAGEL. . . That is soooooo tasty... but soooooo fatty!
I have replaced it with a 1/2 cup of low-fat granola, a banana, and 1/2 cup of Soy protein (vanilla chair flavored, it's yummy)

That's step one.

Step 2: Walking. Yes, I do walk around work, up and down stairs... but, I want to add an extra 30 minutes of walking a day. I figured Emry and I can take the dog for a walk down our street every night... It will be a nice way to wind down.

Step 3: Some type of exercise... preferably abs and thighs.... I have my mommy parenting magazine exercise section, and I have a few exercises I think I can do before bed every night...  We'll see how that works... But, no more than like 10 minutes.

Step 4: Cutting out the late night (after 7p) snacking. I was doing SO good for SO long... but Klay is a late night snacker... so I have been too... Not good. Got to cut it out....

Step 5: Fast food or cafeteria food at work.... I will bring a healthy lunch to work. I WILL BRING A HEALTHY LUNCH TO WORK.

Step 6: No SODA. (Self explanatory)

I feel that if I can manage these 6 steps for 2 months, I will lose 10 lbs (may be more if I truly commit).
I want to look cute in my swim suit.
I want to look good for me.

Who's with me?
Anyone else trying to slim down for the summer?

COME ON SOMEONE COMMENT! I know you're reading!!!!!!

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