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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snuggle Time

Emry has been having trouble going to sleep as of recently.
Yes, it is lighter out later.. That could be one of the factors...
But also, and I'm embarrassed to admit this... *sighs*... I took away the nighttime sippy cup.


I give him 3 ounces (barely a human sip) of a 3:1 water to juice ratio. It's enough for him to take a sip, then pass out. So, it's mostly water sitting on his teeth, and before I go to bed, I usually pull the sippy cup out of his room, and bring it downstairs, so it doesn't turn into a pacifier effect.

It's something he's been doing forever, and finally I realized, "OMG he's 4 years old, this has got to stop!"
So, I quickly pulled it. The first night he was upset, the second night he didn't notice, the third night he started telling me he was Thhhhiiirrrrssstttyyyy in which I promptly told him that he could take a sip of water from his cup in the bathroom....
Seems like the smoothest transistion ever... yes? Well, it did seem that way, until I noticed that he was staying up later and later in his bed.

We wake up ungodly early, I work an hour away, and he has school starting at 7 a.m. ........So, we have to get up, fed and out the door by 640 a.m. at the latest. Which means that bedtime is early, for both of us.
I noticed that he was still awake in his room by 8 or 9 in the evening. Which means he was getting more and more tired in the morning.

**rolls eyes**
So, what do I do? How do I proceed? My first thought is that I would read to him, calming him down before bed, so it would aid in him going to sleep quicker.

**shakes head**
Didn't work, not one bit... 930 p.m. and he was still awake.

So, how did I proceed then?

I committed the worst crime a mother could committ... I swear, I felt awful....well, not really... but, it really did pull at my moral parenting strings....

I scooped him up, plopped him in my bed, covered him, and turned on Disney Junior. Set the sleep timer to 15 minutes, and told him when the TV turned off, it was time to sleep. No if ands or buts...
Worked like a charm.

However, the one issue. . . . He was still in my bed, when I went to bed.

So, how did I proceed?

I snuggled up into him, and slept peacefully myself.

So, I traded one problem for another.
Yeah, he's sleeping now...
But it's in my bed....
At least he's a good snuggler.

Now, I got to work on getting him to bed... in his bed, at a reasonable hour.

Got to figure it out.
Any suggestions?

I'd be up to hear anything...

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