People Just as Crazy as Me

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Last night... there was a bat... yeah, a flying mouse with wings.... IN MY HOUSE. Somehow it squeezed between a small hole in a window screen and started booking it around the first floor of my house.

Klay and my father, tried to usher it out, while I hid.. IN COMPLETE FEAR LIKE A BABY.... under... *rolls eyes* (can't believe I'm admitting this).... under the coffee table.

I am so embarrassed that I simply had to share it!

That was my Friday night.


How's everyone's Saturday?

We went to an Antique Firetruck Show today, and to lunch. 

Emry was in a particular mood, partially because of the cotton candy he had at the show, but also because he was excited. He seems to really get amped up for Klayvn time.

I can't blame him, because I do too.

Tonight, Klay is going to make me dinner at his house, and we're going to have a little "us" time. . . . 
He requested a night at his place, just so we could be us, and after I asked him if he'd be making or ordering dinner... he elected to make it... Which is very sweet.

Things are starting to feel different... not in a bad way... but in an ominous way...

A nice ominous.. but, it's almost like I can feel the next step coming....

I haven't been divorced long... 
But, I don't know what I would say if Klay asked to take that next step. 

I know that in my heart, that I do not want to rush into anything.
I know that if I ever to get engaged again, that I want to stay engaged for at least the same amount of time that I had been dating the person.
Just to make sure that I knew them as well I could before I said "I Do." again....
Is that weird??????

I want to make the best decisions for my son. 

(In my heart I know that the type of man Klay is... is the type of man I would marry....*shakes head*)

The thing is, Klay is a hard read ... and he once dated a girl for 8 years... You see what I'm getting at? It feels bigger to me, but maybe that's not the signal he is sending out.. Maybe that's just my estrogen playing tricks on me.

We'll see what happens, and when/if it happens.

I leave this to destiny and fate. What happens will happen, and it will be supposed to happen...


Hopefully no more winged creatures will appear this weekend....


  1. Tennis rackets work wonders on bats - seriously. Knock 'em out of the air and fling 'em out the door. I never had one in my house, but we had them in the barn all the time and we always used tennis rackets. LOL

    Relationships. Oy. After being divorced twice, I'm too scared to even get into one again. I've dated, and I have a couple of guys now that I *could* date seriously if I wanted to - but I'm terrified. I don't think that I'm ever getting married again. I like my little drama-free bubble that we live in right now, and I want to keep it that way. I like being single, but I'm really lonely at the same time, if that makes any sense.

    Take your time. When it's right, you'll know it.

  2. Would you just die if you found out that he was secretly reading your blog? LOL!

  3. **GIGGLES**

    He probably does.
    And I think it's safe that I don't know!

    My safe haven, free for anything I got to say... if he sneaks in, that's on him!

    But, it would be funny.

    I'd like to report.. NO MORE BAT SITINGS!