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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We were supposed to go to the carnival tonight.
My son is usually in bed pretty early, but I told him... if he took a small nap after dinner, that we could go to the carnival this evening.

I had 2 reasons for going at nightfall:

1) it was 97 degrees today... Nightfall would be cooler in comparison. Hence a better carnival time.

2) My son and I wake up at 5a weekdays, and going to the carnival at 830p after being awake for that long, would not be a good thing. He'd be overtired and none of us would have fun.

So, we get home, he has dinner, and then tells me he is going to take a nap.

He fought it and tried to cute his way through it.... only to find out that we are now not going... because as predicted he is OVERTIRED. with Panda Bear black circles around his eyes. And, can't even walk straight.

Upon figuring out that he had not won, and that I was holding my ground (even though I think I wanted to go to the carnival 10x more than he wanted to)... He began to flip out. 

2 reasons why I believe this happened:

1) He didn't get his way. Even though I am dressed and ready to go. Even though he knows I want to go. He DID NOT get his way. The deal was broken... No Nap... No fun.... For any of us.

2) He IS FRIGGIN TIRED. And when a child is that overtired and they aren't getting their way... the first reaction is to flip out. 

I want to die.

It is now.... 94 degrees at a very high humidity percentage. 
And I am tired... worn out.... AND HOT. AND I am not getting WHAT I WANT.

So, I guess I'm throwing a tantrum as well.


*stomp stomp stomp stomp*


Get the picture?

Oh and by the way.
In the..... 5 minutes that it took to write this post... He's already passed out in his bed.

The carnival is in town until Sunday.
But, he will not be going.

Now it's just principle... No?

What am I supposed to try this drill tomorrow?

Give him the same deal?

I hate these moments in parenting.

I hate that these moments in parenting always seem to come at the hottest day of the year.


I am not even close to being done venting about this one.

What makes it worse, is that I gave him a bath... trying to cool him down, so that I at least put him to bed clean... and when I came down and tried to reason this out with my father.... I got:

"Well you couldn't take him now anyway, he's just too tired."


And then I got:

"Well I think you're tired too... I don't think we should talk about this anymore."


But, that wouldn't have stopped me from having a good time... AS PLANNED.

Going to be a portable A/C now.
Because it's wicked hot, and I just can't stand it anymore.

I promise tomorrow I will be calmer.
And have a brilliant post, that will bring you all back to loving me.

Until then

*insert loud scream*

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  1. take a friggin chill pill... parenting would be pointless if everyday was a good day, cuz then he wouldent have learned anything from you. some parents would rather be a best friend than a parent, i dont like them, and you are not one of them, and... wouldent you rather be hot than cold?... the worst that could happen is that everyone would just end up turning into little puddles of melted people!