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Friday, August 5, 2011

600 Page Views in a little under 4 months... WOWZA

I am proud to say that my little blog has reached 600 page views today, and I've only been on this scene (this time) for 4 months...


I got to say I'm impressed by this.

It makes me happy that people read this, and that others may be gaininng something from my perspective.
And, I have learned a lot from my readers perspectives.

Thank you guys for helping me grow!!!

So, at this point...

Does anyone have a favorite post?

Does anyone wish I did something else on here?

Is there any way that you think I should expand?


I don't know.
I am pleased to be here, write, and have my little blog family!

Have a Great Friday People.

(PS: Last nights meeting with the Director, went well, she is going to call me during the day and see how the bad seed's parents responded. Emry felt secure and safe when he went to school this morning. I will follow up with y'all later.)

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