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Friday, August 26, 2011

8/26/11 - Impending Hurricane... Emotional Morning...

Between Saturday and Sunday we will be feeling the brute force of Hurricane Irene.
Reports vary between this being the worst thing in our area in 50 years and others say it may just be a lot of rain.
I am stocking up on our food tonight, implying that our local grocery stores have anything left.
People tend to freak out about the weather, and they stock a months worth of food...
Maybe that means it won't be so bad!
You know, just to spite the people who clear the food shelves for no reason...

So Emry, my dad and I will venture out this evening, and endure the stores together.
I had a nightmare last night, about someone stealing the milk from my cart... and I had to beat them with a loaf of crusty Italian bread to get it back. (I'm sorry, I know my nightmares are surreal, I've been having a couple spoonfuls of Chunky Monkey before bed... I'm addicted....*shrugs*)


This week at work has been very, very slow.
I haven't had a lot to do...
And the stuff I have done... well took my milliseconds to complete.

But, today, I was thankful for a light workload... I had to make an important phone call.



Sometimes doing the right thing is really hard.
Sometimes you need to do what's right, regardless of the repercussions...

Sometime it takes all of your strength, to stand up as "That Voice" and make sure that you're heard, regardless of how people will look at you and preceive you.

I feel that I am always that voice.
I feel like I'm one of the few people, who will not let bad shit happen to good people... or let bad shit happen in general.

I am the woman in the store... who notices the woman beating on her kids... and says something... while other people just walk by in shock.
I am the woman who will not let major shit... just slide.

I should have been an activist, of some sort....
I got a lot to say.... as this blog obviously shows.

**rolls eyes**

I'm nauseaus over this. Sometimes doing the right thing... leaves your stomach in knots.


Just got to keep moving.

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  1. I hope that everything work out with the storm and you'll be safe and i hope you get your milk and get to keep your crusty bread and not beat someone with it. :]

    it takes a strong person to the 'that voice'. Its a gift that only few have. :]