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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011 - Tuesday - After Irene

Hello Everybody!

Yesterday was a day off, because of Hurricane Irene, and the destruction it caused to my surrounding area.

Any of you get hit by the storm? If so, how did you and your homes do?

We had some leaking... But, our home was fairly unscathed.

The roads around us.... the power outages... the non existent highways and railroads.... Well, they were another story.

They just opened up the highways today... but, they are not exactly the most travel able. But, yet, here I am, at work.
Some of the railroads are still suspended... since the lines are covered in water.

Klay still doesn't have any power, so yesterday we combined his refrigerator into my refrigerator... So that he wouldn't lose ALL of his groceries.

And Emry is upset... because he didn't see the "TUNNEL HURRICANE".... "it was just windy mama. No hurricane."
I love a child's innocence!

So, for now, expect very short posts... about nothing really....
Well, probably about the fact that Klay is going to live with us, until he gets power... Which is looking like Saturday.
Let me remind everyone, that I recently decided to pull away from that aspect of our relationship... being as which, he isn't ready... I'm not ready, and well... I just don't have enough room to blend his home into my home... nor do I want any added stresses.

But, the right thing to do... was to let him stay with us.

Just hope Emry doesn't get his hopes up.... **SIGHS** We'll see.

Until later.

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