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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Facebook Wednesdays are so OVER. Just Saying

If y'all (I said it Y'ALL) remember, the last time I tried to do a facebook post, I realized how much I hated looking at my facebook.

At my acquaintances... yada yada..... the detachment.

Oh heck... Check out the post here!!!

So, now, I think, with my present mood being taken into account... Facebook Wednesdays are over.

I've lost the love I once had for the FaceSpace...
And, now, I only really go on to see how my family in TN is...

And, that's it.

No one really talks to eachother anymore

We just kind of post, and then view statuses...

No interaction.


I think, today I will spend relfecting Pro's and Con's of online schooling....

PRO > Do it from home, be able to be there for Emry.
CON > Do it from home, have all the distractions of home.
PRO >  Do it at my own pace.
CON> Do it at my own pace.
PRO> Learn something new, and possibly increase my income
CON > Taking 2 standardized national tests in order to get a complete certification. Certification Tests are expensive.
PRO > Secure my current position.
CON > Get locked in to another 2 years at a company I may not want to stay in forever.
PRO > Use this information towards another degree in the future.
CON > Have another useless certification I can't use. (LMT > NO JOBS, $15k wasted for nothing.) I couldn't handle that again.

We'll see what the boss says.
If I can get this covered under the paid education act under my job....

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  1. I know what you mean. I feel detached from facebook as well.

    And about school - that's always a hard choice but if you get it free... good luck!