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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Poetry

I wrote you a letter,
that I know you'll never read.
Told you how scared I was,
Afraid that I'll never be
The one who did right by you,
and gave you all that was in me.

I wrote how backwards it all felt,
how I felt lost in the shuffle.
How hard I push to be this person
That would never, ever crumble.
This road we walk, is ever cluttered
with debris of the past
I wish this picture isn't shattered
by things that weren't made to last.

I hid alone in my bed last night
Trying to find a way
To rest my eyes and ease this plight
Not a word spoken
Silence met my ears
Somehow wishing to be awoken
by anything resembling you.

Now I'm calmer
Rest did me well
In this day I feel warmer
Now that this mood has gone away.

But silent I'll stay
This is who I am
Embarassed to need space
Craving nothing more than a happy end.


Happy Friday all!

PMS is just about conquered.
Laid in bed as soon as Emry was in his.

I never used to get so... hormonoal before a cycle.
But, since I had my son, it's been.... INTENSE.... more so this year.


Grrr... Argggg....


Bound to my desk chair, and I am already counting down the moments to 4p.

Some how I managed to save an extra $238.00 this month.
So, I was able to pay a bill I didn't think I had funds for.
I guess it's going to be okay.
I just have to live oober frugal, until I get back on top.


Since money woes, are a personal thing.... I don't mean to pry BUT:
Does anyone have any saving advice?
Or any funny stories about ways you cut back, in order to save?


Probably write again later.
But, until then.


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