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Friday, August 19, 2011


Hey everyone.

I think yesterday, my alter-ego, the PMS-Y one, wrote and dictated my world.

I was just viscious yesterday.

And as my alter-ego started to take hold.... I felt myself, on the inside screaming for help.
"She's taking control! Someone Save me!"

And... who was it? Who saved me?

Emry... and is absolutely ability to by 100000% cute when I need him to be.

He did nothing special or off the wall.. he just was.... Emry.
With the goofy faces, and the "just one more huggies mama...and a kiss..... another hug."

He's a good kid.
Really special.

Even so, I think I am going to hang low this weekend, just have a me weekend.
I think I deserve it.

And plus, tonight, I have to tackle.... Emry's Closet.

You know, it's that time of the year, when I weed out the old, small clothes, and put in the new/hand me down correctly sized clothes.

I think I have to buy him new hangers.
Not that there is anything wrong with his hangers... they just are starting to be too small to accomodate the neckline, or hold the pants on... He's getting so big.

So, this event... usually takes.... a couple hours.
I make sure that the stuff we have no use for anymore is decent enough to donate.
With the donate pile, I wash it, and fold it.
The stuff that is just too disgusting to donate... whether it be stained, or just washed too much.... Goes in the garbage.

Then I have to hang everything back up.
Make room.
Try and see where things fit best.

Since Emry's room is so small, we did a "closet build-out". It's a closet and a dresser. Helps save some space in his room.

So, we'll see how that goes.

What about you guys?
Any Fall cleaning rituals?

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