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Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday #2

So I am still feeling jittery and nauseous.. and just not right.

I felt fine this weekend... I was tired and jittery... but I was able to function.

I keep having to take these deep breaths to focus.

I'm wondering if may be I should go to a doctor...
I hate going to the doctor, and money is tight right now...I just don't want to waste my funds on something unnecessary.

I am completely looking forward to this weekend though.


This weekend is the start of the NYSRF... New York State Rennaissance Faire.
I go every year.
We dress up like pirates... and have a great time...

And even though I won't have money to buy any cool gadgets or anything.
It's an amazing way to spend the weekend outside.
With your admission you can see all the shows for free...
So, it's a good time for all.

But, with that...comes some apprehension.

I don't know why... But, I am... not fearful... but weary to go to faire this year.

There has been drama this past year... and I'm afraid it's going to leak into my "faire world".
I hope it doesn't.
I really don't want to have to defend myself or put my favorite place in jeopardy.. because of stupidity.

I bet nothing will happen.
If it did, it would mean the drama-starter, would have money to actually enter faire, and it's a big place, even if it did enter faire.. there's little way for this fool to find me.

Time will tell.
We will see.

I haven't told Klay my concern yet.
He's gets very.. aggressive about these things.
In a protective way... kind of the way a bear protects its cub.
I just don't want him to get all wrapped up, in a fear that I don't know is real or not.

Hhahahaha. I just set my location as Timbuktu.

it's the little things in life.

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