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Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Second Post - In case you were curious... Once a Deadbeat ALWAYS a deadbeat!

You may remember that on 6/29/2011 my ex-husband was fired for being a horse's ass.
Well, today, I was informed that he has one job, and is in line for another... He's just waiting to see which one will pay him more.

Good for him! Get a job! Great!!! (not that either of these are with companies that "retain" their employees, but a job is a job).

I bring up that he should allocate some money to go to Emry... you know, directly from his check, and I get back, sure, I'll get on that.... maybe when I deploy the next time.

Then says to forward him Emry's school supply list. That was already purchased.
I told him I need money for his school clothes. . . . once again I got a humdrum, sure, when I get money type answer.


You told me you got a job, but you don't want to give your kid any money... so what? You told me just so I would talk to you a little? You didn't think I would ask for money for your son.
You have no custody... sure... but, he's still your kid, and you not contributing anything to his life... SUCKS BALLS.

**Rolls Eyes**

He didn't even ask about how Emry was doing.
He hasn't asked about him once in over a month.

Oh well.
I tried to get some $$$$$$ for Emry.
Can't blame me for that.

- - - - - - - - - - -  - -

As stated in the first post.
Emry called Klay daddy yesterday.
And... Klay didn't flip out.... and I made sure we were alone, and I asked him if he was uncomfortable in anyway... he shrugged and said no.

Could he have been lying?
I hope he wasn't.

But, then, I think of all the responsibility that was just laid on him by my son.
What if Emry starts calling him the "D" word on a regular basis?
You know?

In my mind, there needs to be a conversation about this between Klay and I.
Something that will confirm that this, in it's due time, will progress into a normal family dynamic for Emry.
Because, if he's going to be "D", then he should be a real one... Not like the crap one Emry was dealt.

Am I wrong?

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  1. I totally agree with the statement "once a deadbeat, always a deadbeat." I have experienced it myself, unfortunately.

    As far as Klay being "D". Yes, have a talk before Emry gets it too ingrained in his head that this is what is going on. Otherwise, you will need to correct Emry. Does that make any sense?!

    Keep up the great work mama! :)