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Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Mania Monday - Ever Clear

"Father of Mine"

So, today's Music Mania Monday is brought to you by "Absentee Father Wanna Be's Everywhere".

If you recall on 8/8/2011, 6/24/2011 and numerous previous posts, were about the Sperm Donor not being able to be a father, or accepting any of his responsibilities to his son.

Well, he after almost 2 months of "I'll write you a commitment to my son" I get the following:

"i would like to take Emry every weekend that i dont have drill weekend, depending on what time i get home from work i will work with you to pick him up on fridays after i get out, i will not cancel on him for any reason other than an emergency, i would make sure he and I spend as much time as possible, starting Aug 28 i can take him that weekend and every weekend in september since i dont have drill, i dont have the drill schedule for next yr as soon as i get it i will fill in the dates that i have drill, i really want to see Emry and i dont want to argue with you about anything anymore, if you have any questions call and we can discuss things i really want to see Emry on a regular basis"

Yeah. That's what I got.
Now, I want to remind everyone, that I had specific things I wanted listed in this commitment... a few of them were met... but not all of them. But, yet, this is a letter, this is kind of what I asked for.

So, as promised, I considered his request.
And had some key points and things that needed to be answered.
In short, I was asking for a written response to these concerns... I got a text, asking for a phone conversation about them.


So, we'll see if I get an emailed response to my email. I never do.

So, EverClear came to mind as soon as this interaction popped up.

I really think Emry is going to be that kid.... Who is going to have all these questions for his father, that will always remain unanswered.

I keep trying, because I'm stupid I am hopeful that one day the Ex will want to be a father, and that's important to a child.
Even though Klay, I hope, one day will be an amazing dad. But, I will never get to ahead of myself
(BTW: Klay and I had the conversation about what it meant for Emry to call him the "d" word. And, I think we have reached a consensus on what to do in that situation.)
One day, when Emry is old enough, I want to be able to show him all of this and say, "Honey, mama tried, for you."
I don't want him to turn around one day and say that I pushed his real father away.
All I am asking for is a commitment to his son, and some effort.
That isn't so hard.

I want to say that even though I was married, I was a single parent... I had no support.
I got divorced, and really have been a single parent.
Now with Klay... I feel almost like I am not alone anymore.
There is support.
It's amazing and I am so appreciative that the universe gave me some time to be supported!

I know in the end, regardless of the Exes attempt or lack there of... I will have family and friends to support me through this path of parenthood.

And that's great.

Come on Friends and Confidants, what are your opinions?

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  1. That song totally resembles my life. And you know what, I found out at the end that I didn't need the Sperm Donor.

    I used to jam out to this tune as a teenager though and feel sorry for myself. It wasn't until one day, shortly after I was married, that I realized bio-giver never made the effort so I should never make the effort back.

    I hadn't heard from him in 15 years and he just sent me this 3X5 card (hastily scribbled in marker) that basically asked what was new as if we we're old pals reconnecting. That's when I knew that he was NEVER my father.