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Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Mania Mondays - We are The Fallen - Sleep well, My Angel

Okay, so we all know that I am a big Evanescence Fan... so even remotely liking "We are the Fallen" is sacrilege to Amy Lee and her music... However, I listened to them, intending to hate them... and realized.... I didn't.

First, let me say, this chick is no Amy Lee, her voice isn't nearly as good...
And if this is her writing, it isn't as captivating as Amy Lee either.
But, the type of music... just struck a chord with me.
I like it.
Not in LOVE with it...
But, I like a few of their songs.

So, for your listening pleasure:


P.S: Emry called Klay "daddy" yesterday... actually he informed Klay........"Klay's your my daddy."
and just moved on with it.
How do I feel... well, stay tuned, and I will let you know!

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