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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Response to Important Phone Call

On 8/26/2011 - I briefly spoke about "doing the right thing." and an "important phone call" I had to make.

Well, today, I received a phone call back... about this situation..

Long story, short. No names being given.

I became privy to information, that there was abuse going on in some one's home.
Over time, the instances were getting more severe, and started a potentially fatal track.

I called Children and Family Services, after this person gave me the "okay" to help.

The phone call I got today, from the Case Worker... said that "there were no physical bruises", that "everyone seemed happy."

Which means one of two things:
  1. I was lied to, and this person was crying out for attention. And maybe need some help themselves.
  2. The family is so scared, they went into survival mode, against the aggressor... And just lied.
I hate to think I was lied to.
But, I'm also hopeful that in the end help is given for whatever the outcome is.

But, now, that I've done all that I can do... I am done.
I won't ask about the well being of this person.
And will back off.

I did what I felt was right.
And I will not feel sorry for that.

And, if any ramifications should fall on me, for doing the right thing, given the information I was privy too, than I will have to stand my ground.

I hate feeling like the fool.
I hate feeling lied to.

Sad. I'm very sad about this.

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