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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Second Tuesday Post - My Dreams and Goals

So as promised,

via my first post today....

Here is my dreams and goals.

(Thank you to all who read, and to those that commented!)

  • To own a cabin, in the woods, but close enough to civilization so that I can get groceries readily, and maybe interact with people from time to time... MAYBE.
  • To give Emry the type of "Family" he deserves.
  • Own a successful destination spa... in my neck of the woods.
  • To get a happily ever after... in some way, shape or form.

  • Achieve a degree that will help me get me a career that will allow be me to be financially independent.
  • Be a better mom, everyday.
  • Lose 15 more pounds
  • Laugh every day, even if it's through my tears...

When I was little...
I dreamed of being a lawyer... no one ever coached me to want this, I just wanted it.

When I was a teen...
I dreamed of getting married, getting the picket fence and being the best "stay at home" mom ever. The kind that has cookies baked when you walk in the door from school. Goes to all the school events. My mom wasn't a mom at all... I wanted to be an oober wife and mother.

Now, as you can see above... those are my goals and dreams.

Have a Great Day Everyone!


  1. Very attainable. You go girl. I will be cheering you along. :)

  2. You have great dream but even more amazing goals.

    i dont have many dreams, but a goal i have for my life is...when i die i want people to say. "that erica was a friend to all, always had a smile, loved her family, and had a fun life."

  3. i love something about you, but i cant quite pin what it is. you always want whats best for emry, and even if you give up your happiness to do it