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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursdacap: Thursday- Recap DUH!

Nothing has happened.
Nothing of importance.

The weeks have been spent trying to figure out coverage for Emry, on those days during the school year, when he doesn't have school, but I have work.

Trying to save up those sick days and personal days.... that's the only plan.

And gods forbid what happens during the winter... with the darn SNOW.


Having a hard time typing today...

I'm concerned... for someone I know...

My mama instincts are kicking in... and all I want to do is help...


Help can only be given, if the other person REALLY wants the help... and tells you what help they will ACCEPT.

Otherwise, it's futile, isn't it?


I got into a commenting war, with the most INFURIATING person yesterday...
I love how people can be so judgemental from behind a computer...
And you know, that if you were to meet this person in real life, they wouldn't have such balls.
They'd quietly walk away...
All type NO VOICE.
If they really wanted their voice heard, then we would hear more every day people discussing things in public.
And, you know when you have won a commenting war WHEN, the person starts picking AT YOU. They know longer have any opinion on the SUBJECT AT HAND... only with trying to tear YOU DOWN.
That's usually when I stop commenting.... It's no longer a debate... if all you're going to do is mudsling.


Little venting is cathartic.

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