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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday: **ROLLS EYES**

I didn't sleep a wink last night.
I tossed and turned.
Turned on the A/C
Turned off the A/C
Got a light blanket
Got a heavier blanket
Moved the pillows around
Laid on top of three of the pillows
Threw two pillows off the bed.
Looked at the clock... every hour.
Watched the nightlights dance on my ceiling.
Unplugged the nightlights.
Lit a sage insense.
Got a glass of water.

And still... nothing.
No sleep.

And now, I'm at work.
Completely over tired.
But at least it is PAY DAY.

Oh wait, that doesn't even count.
I have bills.... and a mortgage.... and gas to put in the car.


What a world.

So, they are looking to remake Dirty Dancing. So on the article, I commented:

Comment from Kateri Von Steal

Does anyone see the amount of people that liked it.

For two reasons:
  1. I have never had such a well received comment
  2. It has to be the shortest comment I have ever written
I should have spammed my blog info in there... You know, I bet yahoo webmasters wouldn't say anything, or comment something snotty (YES I AM STILL BITTER!)

Talk to everyone later.

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  1. The original rocks. I can't imagine a remake. It would suck.