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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yahoo Tuesday - There are small miracles in this world

Ding! Dong! The witches show is dead. Wicked Witch. Witch is gone!
Yes, I am writing a post about the Kate plus 8 show being cancelled.
And, I apologize to anyone who actually enjoyed this show.

Let me start by saying, when this show was "John and Kate Plus 8"... and was in it's first few seasons, I watched it. It actually gave me hope.

How? Well, if those two could handle 8 kids, then I surely could handle one. Emry, is the first baby I have ever been around, and he was my baby. So, as you can probably tell, I was freaking out!!!! (And, yes, I still do freak out about parenting... but, that's normal.)

However, as the 8 children started to get older, I started pulling away from the show... It seemed that they did not have a normal childhood. And, were acquiring very poor attributes. (IE: Narcissism) Those kids would be all up in the camera, and the older ones started preeming themselves for it. Too weird for me.

And Kate. . . . I have never liked her. I don't "know" her, but just the energy I perceive... wasn't good.
As the seasons progressed, she stopped looking like the mother of 8 children, and more like a socialite.
It kind of made me sick.

John didn't seem to be a saint either... but, I really feel that her personality type left no room for compromise.
You never hear anything about him anymore, I hope he sees his adorable children as much as he can.

When their marital whoa's started falling over into the show, the show should have ended.
Their marriage and family should have been more important than the show.
I imagine TLC, would have been upset if they needed to take a break, but I'm sure they would have understood. However, the camera's stayed in place, and we all watched a family break... on national television.

I stopped watching right about then.
My curiousty was told to mind it's business, and I just hoped that these kids wouldn't suffer.

I think a lot of people tuned off after the show became a painful divorce reality show.

Then it became KATE PLUS 8... and I swear, I heard about it through the grapevine, and threw up in my mouth a little.

This woman insists her children are comfortable with this lifestyle.
I honestly think the children know, that their opinions don't count when it comes to their mother.

But, now... that it's cancelled.
Let these kids have a pseudo normal existence.

I wonder if she has saved enough money to get them by?
I wonder what the plan is now?
Will she get a job?
Who will help her with these children?

Once again, "Curiosity, take backseat."

These children are important....
And, I hope every measure is taken so that they can have a happy life.

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