People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yahoo Tuesday - This is the only article worth talking about today.

I'm 98 year old, but I can kick your ass.

I have been searching Yahoo (and honestly other search engines), for a good article.

Between the Somali famine and London Riots... Ball players, rappers, and royalty acting a fool....I found this article.

This woman is my idol.
And for 98... seems to be in really good shape!
Good for her!

At 98, I hope to be as agile as this woman.

It proves that, even if it takes forever, you can achieve your dreams, you just have to commit to them.

What is your life goal?
What is your dream?

You tell me yours...
I'll tell you mine!!!


  1. show me your dream and I'll show you mine! lol. I dream one day of my blog becoming world known and the gold standard of zombie sites! :)

  2. Hmmm... This is a toughie. I think my life goal is just to make the best life that I can for my kids.

    I also agree with Zombie... I want my blog to keep growing. Sigh!

    Your turn... ;)

  3. I also would like to have a well known blog... And just do what I love... Btw, I missed you, couldent get on because my laptop broke and all I had was the iPad, and it docent load any blogs