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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday - 10/28/2011 - Dream Halloween Party

My Friend, Autumn, you can read her HERE suggested that for my Friday post, that I would write about my DREAM HALLOWEEN Party...with money not being a problem, and inviting whom/what EVER I wanted.

Here we go!

I think I would like to have my halloween party in:

Houska Castle in Blatce, Czech Republic

Lit by merely candlelight.

Don't know about this castle?
Here check out this from Ghost Hunters International:

That's basically the ENTIRE EPISODE.
Had to be the scariest place ever... for me at least.

Okay... So without the TAPS crew... completely lit by candlelight.

Interesting food consisting of and not limited to:
(if you don't already.. FOLLOW Zombies everywhere.... super interesting and witty blog)

Then I would want my favorite different types of ethnic food:
Chicken Tikka
Lamb Rogunjush
You know... just do it up.

(Of course, there needs to be a variety of different bubbly smoking drinks....Can't be scared if I'm drunk!)

Guest List:
  • All of you... you know, Y'all got to check this out. I'd fly you all out of course.. since money isn't an object in this fantasy!
  • Robert Englund (aka: Freddie)- He's awesome, seems like a cool dude, and I imagine he would have a ton of stories about the beloved movie series. Plus, we're going to be at a place dubbed the "Gates to Hell" those Ghosts have got to be scared of FREDDIE!
  • Lorraine Warren (Medium) - you may have seen her on the Paranormal State show, which I am not a fan of. But, this woman, and her husband... are in fact very attune. She see's and knows a lot. I would like to see the read she would get from the Houska Castle.
    Image Detail
  • Klay, and my closest friends and family (who can stomach this kind of stuff.)
See... I'm really simple, I think the coolest thing would be the location.
We would definitley need to do some EVP work, and bring some thermo imaging cameras... Just see what happens.
One Night. From Sunset to Sunrise... I think it would be simply AWESOME.

And of course, it be a costume party... no cheesie costumes, no holds, everything goes HORROR FEST!

So excited.
Who's coming!

Oh wait, I forgot... it's pretend... oh shit....

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. What? No Ghost Hunters Crew? Haha.

    I love it! I'm coming! I'll wear my steampunk ghost costume. I would love to walk the halls holding a candle, all alone, listening to the sounds the castle makes.

    Oh, I'd add an orchestra playing creepy ass themes from movies, like Halloween and Exorcist.

  2. But, can we still play the zombie drinking game?