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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! - Music Mania Monday - Third and Final Halloween Edition

Above you will find "Anything can happen on Halloween" from the movie "The Worst Witch"

The iconic Tim Curry performs this, and honestly, it frames my childhood. I wore this VHS tape down! I swear it broke!!!!!

"The Worst Witch" was a 1986 TV movie, that had Diana Rigg, Charlotte Rae (made famous by the Facts of Life), Tim Curry ('nuff said), and Fairuza Balk (The Craft)

I never saw it on television, my cousin owned a video store, and when it went out of business, this was one of the movies that came home with us.

I was in love with it ever since.

It's cute, and campy, and just good fun.

I'm a dork... shoot me!

I promise you, see if you can download it, or get it off of Amazon... or even the dreaded Netflix (I don't condone netflix or there shady practices.... so, please make this your last resort!)... You will not regret it...

AND IF YOU HAVE KIDS.... I guarantee they will love it!



I know!
I am so Excited it is Halloween!

AND ONE BETTER! Due to the 22 inches of snow that landed in my area this past weekend
(SIDE NOTE: Snow in October, So not cool... epically disastrous)... My job is closed... I have a PAID day OFF on HALLOWEEN.... Life cannot be any better.

So I finally plan on seeing Paranormal Activity 3... SO EXCITED!
Expect a review, that doesn't really have too many spoilers in it.... I am not THAT type of person! I'll just let you know if it's a WAIT FOR DVD or GO TO THE THEATERS NOW movie. Deal? Cool.

Emry had school, so I am blissfully taking my time on this blog today. I had a cup of coffee, watched some television... thought out what I wanted to say... and when this is done. I plan to kick my heels up and prepare for the night!

I have the perfect amount of glow sticks for Emry's costume and am fully confident that he will glow in all his glory tonight.
There will be pictures... just you wait!

I had dressed up like a Pink Lady for work, until I found out it was closed... Kind of a Bummer, but not really, because I'll just dress up for trick-or-treating.

So with all of that said, please tune in for tomorrow's Yahoo Article Post, PLUS: Pictures of Todays Antics.

Love to all.

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  1. I'm so stoked. I forgot the name of that movie but kept thinking about it every Halloween. Yahoo! Now I know the name! I am doing a marathon of horror while I work (I work from home). Have a fantastically scary evening.