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Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Mania Mondays - Halloween Edition #2

Tubular Bells

Good morning Just Lifers... Today is Monday, so we are continuing the Halloween Themed Music Mania Monday!

Todays Song Choice: TUBULAR BELLS.

It's eerie... and awesome... and very simple.
Just gives you goosebumps by listening to it.

Tubular Bells was released by english musician Michael Oldfield in 1973.
Mike Oldfield played most of the instruments on the album, recording them one at a time and layering the recordings to create the finished work.

The opening theme, which was eventually chosen for the 1973 film The Exorcist, gained the record considerable publicity and introduced the work to a broader audience.



The starts of Emry's Tron Legacy Helmet... now we need to make the whole outfit GLOW

Outside Decorations:
As you notice only one Pumpkin remains... the tiny one rotted out... But, at least Emry got the Pumpkin Carving Experience!
We have Larry (The Grim Reaper) watching over our tiny graveyard, and coffin...

And my tiny hobgoblins hanging in my garden... by buddah... *giggles*

That's all we have thus far...
But, you know... still one week until Halloween... I can always add more!!!!

Anyone else blast Tubular Bells during Halloween?


  1. I love that song! I have it on a Halloween music CD that has theme songs from movies played on it. It is just like the sound of tip toeing down a long dark hallway with your flannel night gripped in your hands, bare feet chilly on the creaking wood floors, passing by darkened doorways and looking inside to see if anything is peering back. Love your decorations! Yahoo-tis the season!

  2. Love the music. If you watch the Trick-r-Treat shorts at, they have an incredibly creepy song.