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Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Mondays - EMISH - Heart on a Shelf

For you listening pleasure!

This is EMISH

Emish... I must say, is one of the best Irish Music Groups in our area.

And, I really think that you should check out more of their music at:

The new stuff and the old stuff.

I must admit, it's the shit.

I became aware of this group when I started dating Klay.

And, honestly, I think I find myself listening to music with Irish roots, than anything else.

(other than Evanescence, I will always listen to that, oh BTW: release date for their new album is on my birthday 10/11/11... AHHHHHHHH!!!!)

We tend to forget about musicians.
Actual musicians.. people who write the melody... add the lyrics.... make it beautiful.

Our society is more keen to listen to something that as gone through an equalizer one too many times, and singers who need the machines to sound good.

I think we should start listening outside the mainstream.
I think we should start listening to music that comes right from our own backyards...

But that's just me.

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  1. Yeah for new music! And I agree, not enough little local bands get the exposure they should. Thanks for sharing! :)