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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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I know completely lame post... but here, a tid bit of information.

The private school I send my son to... Satanists.

I get a call today from the school nurse, who tells me that Joey's physical (which was required to enroll him), is missing a date, therefore... all the forms she has.... DOES NOT EXSIST.

Now I remember giving them all the forms required to enroll him. I remember the cover page on the doctors physical form. NAME DOB AND DATE OF EXAM were on the heading.

But the school doesn't have it. IE: They lost it.

One better: "Ms.______ please get your doctor to fax me this."
Me: "But, I am sure I gave you the form, please look again, I am not sure they will fax you this..."
(remind you I work in the health field and there's a whole lot of red tape about faxing certain things)
School Nurse: "Listen Jillian (yep that's my first name), if you don't give us this by noon, Joey will have to leave school for the day and remain out until we receive it."
Me: "Ms. ________, I am a parent and you will address me with respect. Even though you introduce yourself as Ronnie, doesn't mean you get to call me by my first name. I will call the doctors office and do what I can. But, I would like to speak with the principal regarding this, when I pick up Joey today. Since he will remain in school for the rest of the day. Am I understood?"

Yes, I got threathened.
For a form they lost.

And I am livid.

The doctors office was surprised as well, and will fax the Physical forms to them... but have to charge me 75 cents a page (there's about 15 pages.) .....

I am appauled, and looking for a better school for him to go to, closer to work.



See hope my venting gave you something more interesting to read!


  1. Sounds about right. I remember a doctor's office that said they wanted me to pay my deductible. I said, "wait, how do you know I'm not going to other doctors and paying my deductible there? It's not for you to do, it's for my insurance company to figure that out." They got all snotty and then loudly so everyone could hear, I said, "these are very unusual billing practices. I will be sure to tell the insurance company you are trying to make me pay my deductible here in the office." Hee hee. I got my son a new doctor pronto. I work in health care too and I don't take crap. Good for you sassy pants!

  2. Hey, at least you can say you've met Satanists - that's a unique claim!

  3. Oye...that's CRAZY! And you can bet that I would demand that the school reimburse for the cost of faxing them the forms....especially since they are the ones that lost the forms to begin with. And not only that, but the doctor's office shouldn't charge to begin with. They are YOUR (well, your son's) medical records, and you have a right to them, period. I would be absolutely FURIOUS.

  4. As someone who works in education I totally agree with you that this is ridiculous! Schools are completely forgetting their most important reason for provide children with a quality education. They cannot educate your child if they won't let him attend because of a lost piece of paper! Find another school if they support the behavior of this school nurse (who is probably not actually a nurse but just a health aid).