People Just as Crazy as Me

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Quantity Ordered vs. Quantity Received" - a love note

Dear Office Supply Orderer:

I know you must receive dozens upon dozens of order forms a day.
I understand that you are only human and mistakes do happen.
What I do not understand, is why it is always my order.

If the Quantity requested is 13 (thirteen <--yes I use the number and word for the number on the form).... then it means I want THIRTEEN of said object. Now, I see that you saw how many a qty of 13 gave me... but believe you me... I do need 1300 manilla folders.

Please re-order the remaining 12 boxes... and get them to me... so that I can do my FLIPPING JOB!

If this problem is not rectified, I will lose my mind and ak47yo'behind up and down the block.
Yeah, I said it, *puffs out chest* So what?

With all the love I can muster (because I'm so tired of this happening):


  1. Hee hee. Ain't that the truth? I'm reminded of a time when I ordered some dance shoes online. Their website went bonkers and they subsequently sent me 10 pairs and then 10 pairs again and 10 pairs again. I was like "didn't you think those orders were kind of strange--all the same size and style?"