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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursdacap: 10/20/11

Hello All!

Let's recap! Shall we?

I played my guitar... it was awesome.
I took time out for myself, and just played.
So nice. So much fun....
Felt very... settling.... Made me feel like me.

(Teaching myself some new songs... We'll see how long they take to master)

Klay brought me Mexican last night.
Chile Rellenos... is Awesome.
Don't know what it is... You want to see?
Image Detail

It is a stuffed Pablano Pepper... Stuffed with multiple types of Cheeses.
Over a red sauce... sometimes with refried beans and rice.
Like a huge savory Jalapeno Popper.

So, I had that, and took my Tramadol... and was a pretty happy camper.

Watched Hatchet 2.... Never scene it? It's an AWFUL (CHEESY AWESOME) Horror movie.

Then we peered into Ghost Hunters and Fact or Faked.... It was a true October evening.
When both fell short... We had snuggle time instead.

I highly enjoyed my evening!

Another show I wanted to watch, but missed, AGAIN, (and mind you my On Demand won't show it's recap for weeks....) is American Horror Story on the FX network... I think this has true potential. I loved the first episode. I thought it was great!
I've missed the 2nd and 3rd episode... On Demand hasn't been working, so I haven't been able to review them... so maybe Hulu will help.

As you all know Sunday night, I started experiencing extreme pain in my head. A migraine that wouldn't end.
I came to find out that I have degeneration in the bones in my neck, pinched nerves, and damaged nerves due to old injuries.
The doctor also saw old breaks, that had healed incorrectly... Of course he asked about them... I'm strong enough to tell people that I was abused... That I dated a scumbag who was weak, and hitting women was his thing.
The doctor understood.... and now it's just a journey to make sure I will stay pain free... and mobile...
At least I'm 27 and I have time to get this underhand before I get too old an arthritis sets in....
Which it will... I am sure....

Emry has been good... even tempered... and he seems more mature by the day... He still is a silly kid, still likes to run around and joke... But this school, seems to be keeping him busy... so he seems tired at the end of the day. If you all recall, Emry has unending energy... I really think that the Energizer bunny has nothing on him. And GODS forbid you give him sugar... Super Sonic Speeds Achieved.

Halloween is officially 11 days away. How is the Tron Legacy Costume going?
Well... I have to attach the visor... I found a blue transparent folder, and I am going to cut out a small rectangle from it to attach to the Costumes Visor.
The glow necklaces have been purchased, need to go buy Fabric tape to attach them....
But, all in all... We are almost done....
I can't wait to get pictures of this.

Here's the kicker, Emry has to wear his costume 3 times.......Halloween Party at School, Halloween Day at school...then Halloween Trick or Treating.... So, I hope it will hold up for all three events. The glow won't be there until Halloween night, Emry knows this and is okay with it.... But, it's still a child's costume... not made extraordinarily!


I've carved both of our pumpkins, and they look amazing.. I wish I had my SD with me... I would show all of you!
I guess when I do my Halloween Post, I'll post pictures as well.

How are we all preparing for Halloween?
Anything interesting?
What are your children being?

I think all in all... other than the painful migraine, this week hasn't been horrible.
I mean, even with the pain, I got most of the house chores done! I just need to vacuum the living room, do the bathrooms and put away the laundry. Not bad all in all! I bet I can get most of that done tonight!

I am making chili for dinner.... MmmmMmmmMmmmMmmmm
Maybe some rice for the side....
YEAH. That's sounds good.

Already hungry at 945a... not a good way to start the day!
Going to be hungry ALL DAY now!!!!!

Be good my friends.


  1. Congrats on 'getting back on the horse' with your guitar playing.

    I love chile rellenos - I used to make them when I worked in a Mexican restaurant. Tricky to make, but well worth the effort.

    I'm surprised you've carved your pumpkins already. I find they shrivel up if I carve them more than a day or two before Halloween. Of course, you can put Vaseline on them to prevent that, but keep in mind that it's flammable.

    (Take pics of your pumpkins!)

  2. @Eric: Yeah I did carve the pumpkins early... with a 4 year old, and a hectic work schedule, some times we do things a little early so that we can enjoy them. The big one is holding up nice, the little one is starting to get NASTY. I'll post the pics around Halloween... Chile Rellenos is my FAVORITE.

  3. Baby Puppy is going to be a werewolf this year. I'm hoping that her costume survives school, too!