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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Recap - 10/13/11 - Losing my mind

I have to be losing my mind.
Seriously... I've gone off the deep end.
Get me a straight jacket and send me to Arkham Asylum....(batman video game reference anyone? bueller?)

After my second post yesterday, my rant and rave, and self indulgence... I was in a pretty bad mood. Not bad like, "Hold my earrings, I'm gonna fuck you up." but bad like, "I'm angry at the world, and I want to be alone...."

So, I get home with Emry, we start unpacking... "Mama, what's this?"
Klay comes over for lunch a lot, since he works close to my house. He watches TV, eats lunch....
You know... man stuff......... But, he also smokes in the house.
Which isn't a big deal... But, I don't like Emry to see it, or be around it.....
So as long as the windows are open, and the air purifiers on... if Emry isn't home... do what you want on your lunch break.
Emry hands me over said  Smoking implements...........
The other rule is, you come over for lunch, you clean up.... EVERYTHING....
Nuh-uh.. not on this day.
My dog was also left out to pee all over my living room floor.

"That's nothing Emry, nothing for you."
Snatched everything up.
Cleaned up the area....
And moved on... without paying it anymore attention......

Informed Klay he had done it.......
He apologized, promised not to do it again....
And I said, "K. Goodnight."
That was it.

I then proceeded to get Emry to bed.
Read him an insanely long story...
Then laid done, in my poopy mood.

No guitar playing.
My mood took control..
And all I saw as solace was the cushions of my sofa.
Then I was in bed by 9p

That was last night.

The prior days haven't been that bad.
We did go apple/pumpkin picking on the weekend.
Festival as well...
(But, I told you that already didn't I?)

Work has been slow....but, the boss is back today, so no longer will no longer be slow.
Since she has to catch up on all the things that need her signature...You know... "important stuf".

*rolls eyes*

I wish I had more to say... but I don't.

I wish I had more to report... But I don't

I wish that aliens would take me away.... and realize that I am royalty... give me a throne or something...

I will write later if I can...
I am thinking about a plan of action... how to proceed with life so that I can enjoy it more... and still get everything done....

I'll run my ideas by you... and I hope I have lots of support and other options being offered....

I know I will... You're all great.

Until later.

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