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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Recap - 10/6/11 & RIP STEVE JOBS

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First, Let's have a moment of silence for the death of Steve Jobs.

Thursday Recap:

On Sunday, I spent time with my ex-mother-in-law... She wanted to get Emry's cousin Xavier and him together. I was surprised when she showed up with, my ex-grandmother-in-law.

So much fun.

I took them to lunch, at Chili's, and let the boys have a healthy amount of bonding time.. and as I started to feel uncomfortable with the silence between the three adults... They left.

Not long... but definitley long enough!

This week was filled with filing, and computer work, and my avoiding of computer work....

I got the Latchkey bill adjusted, they had Emry marked in on a day that he wasn't there... as I said shady.

And, I have yet to sell any of the new fundraising coupon books for his school... Ugh... This stuff stinks.

When I picked up Emry from afternoon latchkey, I was told by the coordinator, that during recess that day, that Emry got smacked with a stick... on the neck..

Yes, there was a mark left.
(I was also told he wasn't the only kid getting hit).

And it's the same kid that has been giving Emry a hard time.
(What is it with kid's today? Keep your hands to yourself. I swear... If I were one of these kids parents, I would enforce the "you use your hands, I use my hands" rule.)

(SIDE NOTE: Definition of the parenting tool "You use your hands, I use my hands" Rule: This is used on a hands-on child, that doesn't know to keep said hands to themselves and use them to express anger, frustration, spoiled natures, etc. What you do is the following, You tell your PITA KID, "You hit me, you better expect that I'm going to hit you back... but harder! Do you understand?" Kid nods, but uses there hands eventually... you do the very same thing they did to you... just a little rougher. After the first or second time... it never happens again. Once they understand the process, you reinforce that this is how it works with friends, classmates, or anybody they interact with. If you use your hands on them, they are probably going to use their hands back... and if you don't want to get hit, I don't recommend you hitting them. So on and so forth. It's why Emry doesn't have a "hand" problem... I also push the, if you get hit.. you hit back rule... Shouldn't make your kid someone to be picked on either... but that's a different topic)

No big deal, The school is handeling it well enough... at least they are handeling something appropriately.

I also somehow hurt my big toe on my left foot.. the pain is horrible, but my doctor can't see me until tonight. So, good wishes and positive energy that I can stay on my feet... and finish out the day.

Today and tomorrow are going to be long days.
Tomorrow is a 1/2 day of work for me... and it goes into a three day weekend... SO I'm pumped.

Time heard about this, and well.. the clocks are going backwards.

Ever happen to you???

This weekend should be filled with fun Birthday antics... (Did I tell y'all that my Birthday is next Tuesday, October 11? I'm pumped).

I want to go Apple/Pumpkin Picking.
I want to go to this Music/Art/Town Festival.
I want to go out to lunch and dinner.

(I have to go to bingo on Sunday... which sucks.... but, volunteer I must at Emry's school, or else tuition would be insane.)

But, other than BingoSunday! I should have an amazing weekend.
I am almost done with all the housework so I can relaz and do fun stuff.

There needs to be grocery shopping somewhere in there... I suppose.... You know, we got to keep eating.

So, there you have it.

Thursday Recap.

(I know, not much about Klay... it's been a quiet week... He's been around a couple days this week, but we've been... well, complacent... Nothing wrong, Nothing going on. He's been quiet this week, and I'm just betting it has to do with my birthday... Well, at least I hope it does.)

What has your week(s) been like?
Anything cool coming up?

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