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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whatever Wednesday - *smiles*

Whatever Wednesdays, is kind of an homage to everything going on in the world... Not just my world... But, the actual world around me.

I want Wednesday points, to start with something directly affecting my world... and then I'm plan to branch out and see how it affects the world around me....


Now we've all encountered a few.. here or there... and mostly, it is people you don't have to deal with on a daily basis, which is a blessing.
But what happens when a "fake person/people" becomes a part of your world... for any given length of time?
How do you react? How do you proceed?
Well, let me tell you:
Emry's new school is overrun with very fake staffing. From the Principal down to the Latchkey coordinator down to the fundraising coordinator's... it's like a very tight nit group, that doesn't like to be challenged at all.

I have a laundry list of complaints, mind you, it's only OCTOBER, however, that's not really what this post is about.
I will outline the fakeness:
  1. Principal: I understand this is your first year in this district too, but don't you pretend to humor me and not follow through with something that the previous Principal endorsed. Because I will continue to ask and push the subject until I see the results I was assured would come. So, when I ask, for the 50th time about the progress of said thing, don't smile that way and tell me, that you haven't had a chance to review the old prinicipals notes ont he matter... AGAIN. Sooner or later, I won't be so polite myself.
  2. Fundraising staff: I understand that you probably have all the new parents' calling you to figure out what's going on with these cheap, awful, and expensive fundraisers, with such short amount of selling time, HOWEVER: Don't you get uppity with me, when I ask you about what percentage of this sale goes into Emry's mandatory fundraising bank. If you (and the district) weren't being duplicitous, and put all the appropriate information on the handout, I wouldn't be placing this call. Now would I? Oh, and don't tell me that I can't just give the school the amount of the mandatory fundraising fee, when that isn't true. (School handbook clearly says there is only 1 mandatory fundraiser and the other funds can directly be deposited in the fundraising account by me.) Now, I really appreciate that when you get uppity you smile through gritted teeth and tell me what a blessing it is to have all the families working so hard for the school, and how the real thing I should be focusing on is bettering our school. FUCK THAT. Everyone is on a fixed budget right now, I need the correct information so that I can do it quickly and effectively.... you only really care about the money... not about bettering ANYTHING for my kid. Oh, they are going to hate when I join the PTA next year (have to be a parent in the district for one year before joining).
  3. Latchkey Staff: You are the only area of the school that directly helps Emry and I on a daily basis. I do not take you for granted and I expect you not to take me for granted. Like padding my biweekly bill, with days that Emry didn't attend latchkey, and then send me a nice, yet pointedly worded letter about how your billing works. The problem wasn't the billing, the problem was your record keeping. And, when I come in to pick up Emry, do not tell me I can't view the sign in sheet anymore... because you are trying to make it seem like I am scimming off the top. I am a parent, I pay you, and I get to look at the fucking sign in sheet. Since, obviously, you are unable to properly oversee it yourself. It's why I maintain my own spreadsheet on this... I had this sinking feeling that my billing would be off, and looky here... IT WAS. Thank you for adjusting it to the correct amount, and I hope you loved the response to your pointedly worded letter. I hope you took from it that I appreciate the service provided, but I will still be maintaining my spreadsheet on Emry's latchkey. You know, in todays' economy, it's really big to stay on top of your finances.. and keep track of what your bills are. Also, you may be able to pad other parents bills... but not mine, don't fucking try that again. I'll call the superindent I swear I will.
Now as you can see.. I'm not in a good mood about this... but, to deal with these people, I am finding that I have to be just as (if not more so) fake back to them. And, I hate it.
Because, on a whole, I try to make sure that I am honest to people, and tell them exactly what I think.
But, beacuse Emry is in a real school now, and not a daycare or pre-k camp program... I got to play by the rules. I HATE IT.
But, fake people, duplicitous people (I'm sorry, they are one in the same) are all over this country... Hold high end jobs, and we have to deal with them....

But when zombie apocolypse comes... those fake people, are going to be the first to change, and I am pulling out my rifle and working it the fuck out. You know what I'm saying?

(Yes, I realize I have dropped the F word a number of times today... it's just the mood I'm in. I apologize and will try hard to refrain from such language).
Let's see what society says about FAKE PEOPLE!
If you're going to be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.
Marilyn Monroe 

Real people are never fake, and fake people are never real.
Unkown Quote
One Poem Says:
Fake people deny their flaws
Real people act like people
Fake people act in human
Real people write songs from the heart
Fake people write songs to make money (most of which are artificial & have absolutely no meaning)
Real people apologize for their faults
Fake people never apologize. They put the blame on other people, accuse them of being crazy & try to make themselves look good
Real people make conversation to welcome friendship & companionship
Fake people make conversation to mess with people's emotions & watch them lose their minds for their own sick endeavors
Real people accept you for who you are
Fake people accept you for what you have
Real people make you happy
Fake people make you want to pull your hair out
Real people hold their heads up in the air
Fake people hold their heads & noses up in the air
Real people accept defeat
Fake people don't accept defeat. They make like children & pout for a long time
Real people respect when you have company
Fake people act like spoiled children & find ways to make you company uncomfortable (kick, whine, pout,throw angry fits, etc.)
Real people help heal the past
Fake people try to smooth things over as if nothing happened
Real people back off and let you find yourself
Fake people act a if they know you, but they don't
Real people let you find your own job
Fake people downgrade your job & try to help you because they think that you are stupid, dumb & know what is best for you
Real people follow & comply with rules given to them
Fake people find ways to rebel & feel that rules are meant to be broken
Real people let you enjoy yourself
Fake people ruin your mood

One Article Posed the question of: WHY ARE PEOPLE FAKE AS HELL?
The best Anwer:
Sometimes it's insecurity. They don't have any faith in their real selves so they become fake. Other times it's selfishness. They are fake because they want to manipulate and gain something.
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail 

And there you have it. It's something that plagues all of us.

Thank you for tuning in.
Tell me what you think!


  1. Great post. Just yesterday i encountered an old " friend". Too may a times has she stabbed me in the back and too many times, my real friends and me have forgiven her. One day she went too far though and we dropped her like a bad habit. As i spoke to her yesterday, i saw that she knows what she had done. There is guilt there, guilt in her eyes but I'm done forgiving. She wants to hang out again. Not going to happen. I'm done giving my kindness and help to those fakers that don't deserve it. Yep, you are absolutely right. It's those people that go undead in the zombie apocalypse! Good thing i have my trusty baseball bat standing by ;p

  2. Fundraising is mandatory at Emry's school? Damn, that's hardcore!

  3. I've developed a phraseology to use with everything fake. Just replace the first letter of the fake thing with the letter F.

    So fake butter (i.e. margarine) becomes Futter, fake boobies become Foobies, etc... and thus, fake people become Feeple.

    (It doesn't pan-out so well for fake things that start with F already, but in those cases you just replace the first letter with "Fake")

  4. @Mama Zen: Yes, mandatory... $400 worth of mandatory.... It is hardcore crazy

    @Eric: Feeple... **giggles** Thanks for the great idea!

    @Johnny: Forgiveness is a funny thing. If you have forgiven someone too many times, or if they apologized too much (then did it again)... It just seems pointless to forgive them. However, I always try to be the bigger person. You can forgive her, but let her know that you don't wish to be friends again.. but, are happy for the apology, and you are happy to forgive her. Now you can both move on at ease. (Even if she's the only one who's moving on with ease.) But, I totally see where you are coming from. You got the baseball bat, I got the rifle... what else you think we need? A chainsaw?

  5. you know, i hate the fundraiser thing as well. What makes it worst is my son attends private school, and I pay over 5000 for him to go for the year. And they still make it mandatory for every parent to do the fundraiser.... They give you a $300 buy out option though. I take the 300 buy out option every year. Because I don't want to beg people to buy overpriced crap. That's lame. People have bills of their own and families to take care of, they don't need my kids 13 dollar roll of ugly ass wrapping paper. that infuriates me. Your school should have an option to buy out for the fundraiser. I know it's steep but I find it to be worth it, so i don't have to take on the hassle of that blasted fundraiser.

    you know what else is funny, I recently had the same situation with his after school program. They have an afternoon bus service for Jacob, -no morning,just afternoon- So I sent home a note at the beginning of the school year to put Jake on the bus, with the number everything....very detailed. A copy for the school secretary, the teacher and a copy in Jake's backpack to show the bus driver in case of confusion.

    Sorry this is so long - getting to the point. Sooooo they call me and tell me that day, "Jacob was sent to after care because he got confused."

    My first thought, "Did all the asshole's who read my note get confused too?!" - i did not say this out loud of course. i have to filter myself daily.

    anyway, so the end of the month comes and they send me a bill - this was priceless. A bill for 20 dollars to register him for after care, and a bill for 8 dollars for the 15 minutes he was at after care. -the 8 dollars is a flat fee, he could have technically stayed until 5pm- but i picked him up the moment i received the call. I didnt' want them to be able to bolster their argument that I had left him there until 5pm.

    So I sent in a polite note, saying I wasn't paying. THEN this rotund ball of a woman, from the business office receives my note declining to pay and she sent me a photocopy of where I had signed out my child, with an arrow pointing toward my signature. I was consumed by unmitigated madness for a brief second.

    I thought, "Is this fucking Perry Mason?" Let me circle back to the fact that these dickheads want me to pay $28 because my child was in their care for 15 minutes due to their fuck up.

    I wrote one very heated note and then I thought on it and removed it from Jake's backpack in the morning. Then in the morning, before school, I replaced it with a more cool headed note -still refusing to pay their ridiculous bill-.

    Not to mention the fact that these fucksticks charge 5 bucks a day for hot lunch. Seriously, five dollars. My autistic son attends a public school where they have a special program for him and his hot lunch is 1.75 a day and they have bomb lunches! Sorry for the profanity, but this infuriated me! I actually wrote a post about it in my local papers editorial section.

    I am certain Sister Maria will be saying something about it.... this school has received 25 thousand dollars of my money in the past 5 years. and they had the nerve to send me a bill for 28 effin' bucks for fifteen minutes of their time.... they are lucky their isn't a nun walking funny after I shoved the bill up her ass.

    -end psycho rant- oh and I like your blog.

    ciao ~b