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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whatever Wednesday!

Whatever Wednesdays, is kind of an homage to everything going on in the world... Not just my world... But, the actual world around me.

I want Wednesday points, to start with something directly affecting my world... and then I'm plan to branch out and see how it affects the world around me....


I do not have a smart phone... I don't have a cell phone that is internet capable. I have a plain old, regular, phone call/text message phone.
And, personally, I don't give a shit.
I understand having a smart phone allows you to have access to a world of knowledge right at your fingertips... but, I don't know, something about it makes me uneasy.
Things that I feel would happen if I had a smart phone:
  • I would check my facebook more and more. And since I have cut my access down quite a bit, I really rather not go back to being a facedict....facebook addict, I know, I'm weird, keep reading....
  • I would start to read books via smart phone/reading device... I would forget the smell of the pages of a book, and would lose the purpose to go to a library and/or a Barnes&Noble.... Downloading a leisure book... not for me... downloading a textbook (if I ever do go back to school for a degree..) awesome... Great idea. But, I need to hold a book, feel the bindings.... you know geeky stuff.
  • I would type the blogs on the phone. Typing on a phone keyboard is way different than actual keyboarding. If I lost my speed and accuracy with a real keyboard.. I'll start falling behind at work... And, it will give my boss an actual reason to be hard on me... Can't have that. AT ALL.
  • Big Brother would keep closer tabs on me. Yes, I am one of those people. I really do feel that the more and more we allow technology to control our lives... the more and more we rely on these devices... the more and more someone is watching us. Paranoia, party of one! Yep. That's me.
But, how do the masses feel about this? How is this being received worldwide.
I heard a statement today on the radio, that there as now more cellular devices than people in this country. And that last year alone, we had an increase of 57% of people moving to smartphones.... 57% that's more than half... and that's wicked scary...

First article says:


  • Access to the Internet on speeds of up to 4G allows users to keep up to date with the world while on the go. Application stores provide functional apps for ease of use in areas such as social networking, careers and school.


  • Becoming overwhelmed by non-stop data and the stressful obligation to keep in touch through different mediums -- i.e., text, Facebook, email -- is a disadvantage. Smartphones are more expensive than regular mobile phones, and require data plans to be completely functional.

Second Article says:
Pros (common to all Smartphones)
  • Combines PDA and mobile phone functionality in a mobile phone form factor.
  • Most of them have tri- or quad-band GSM Modules for worldwide use.
  • Plays videos and music files with Windows Media Player Mobile, making it a portable multimedia-device.
  • Strong support from third-party software developers, especially game/entertainment developers.
  • Variety of accessories, including GPS navigation software and Bluetooth headsets.
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 devices are capable of push e-mail.
  • Has as a QVGA-resolution color screen.
Cons (common to all Smartphones)
  • Limited text-entry capability (on those Smartphones with numeric-only keypads; others have QWERTY keypads).
  • Smaller, harder to read screen than Pocket PC.
  • Nationwide coverage, especially for high-speed data, is really limited to areas with larger population densities. Check your carriers coverage before committing to their wireless plan.
  • Does not have the same set of built-in applications found on the Pocket PC—most notably, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Mobile are missing.
The Smartphone user
  • Wants the look and feel of a mobile phone but with some Pocket PC capabilities.
  • Wants to have a mobile game and entertainment machine.
  • Wants to have his or her normal Microsoft Outlook database of contacts, appointments, tasks, etc., in his or her phone.
  • Wants to be able to access e-mail anywhere, anytime.
  • Wants a small, lightweight device that's easy to carry around

Then here are the one sided... I hate my smartphone articles I found:

And I loved the picture from the last rant so much I am going to post it here:

So tell me:

What do you think?
Smartphones Yay or Nay?
Do you have one?
Do you love it or hate it?
Are you like me fighting the change like a new werewolf?

That's all I got.
Have a great day friend!

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  1. I'll go you one better: I don't even have a cell phone!

    The companies that make smart phones (and other gadgets people can't live without) want to thank everybody who let them take over their lives... and pays them to do it!