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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yahoo Article Tuesday - Dancing w/ The Eating Disorder?

Lacey Schwimmer Proud of her Curves

Okay, I am not an avid DWTS fan.
Nor, do I regularly watch it.
I will turn it on, if I am waiting for another show to start, and I want the background noise.

Other than that.

But, this story got me.

This woman, Lacey Schwimmer, who is a beautiful woman.. who has a WOMAN'S BODY!!!!
Is being attacked for unflattering pants.

Who do these people think they are?

You cannot win.
Curvy = Fat
Thin = Anorexic

This woman has struggled with an eating disorder, and has seemd to overcome it... but, seriously, I think the media should be held accountable for what they write.

Yes, Freedom of the Press.
Yes, Freedom of Speach.

But, if you write something... about someone, and it sends them into a downward spiral... Then you should be held accountable.

We have become a society of nit-pickers, and judges...
I have had it with that.

These are traits being passed on to our youth.
Where they think they have a right to make fun of someone for looking different.
Where they think they have a right to speak to adults, like they're grown.

Not my kid.
Not my family.


Yes, there are health issues with being too big.
Yes, there are health issues with being too skinny.

But, a healthy body... in our society... should be praised.

Someone who exercises regularly... eats well.... and looks amazing should be praised.

Not nit picked because her legs/butt are big.'

She probably has more muscle in her pinkie toe, then those photographers have in their whole body!

I am by no means in shape.
I got pudge here, and here, and oh I forgot over here too...

I'm close to a healthy weight.
And I will get there.
In time.
With work.

I do not judge people based on their external.
I determine a good person by their internal.

And that's it!



  1. that is just flat out mean, dumb press. i agree its about what's on the inside that matters the most. i treat others that way, so people will do the same for me.

  2. I agree; mean, dumb press. She looks gorgeous! I would love to have curves like that.

  3. I saw this story and I think she handled the response really well, she was like "back off, I like who I am." It was one of those proud moments where you feel like yelling "you go girl!" to the t.v. screen. The press is always going to be this way, but it's women like her who react that way that make the story worth hearing!