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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yahoo Article Tuesday - This means something

Vacuum Goofs... Yup, they're talking to someone out there.

Now, if Yahoo posted this article... It means that the a question about it.

  1. I love how this is basically an anonymous article. Someone was curious about their vacuum cleaner, got all this information together. Their boss said, "Well sure, it's a slow day, make it an article." But, the author was so embarassed, they didn't put their name. Probably a man. A man would never admit they didn't know something about an electrical device!
  2. This article is directed at all of us. But, seriously, I read it, and kept thinking....DUH.... DUUUH!!!!
  3. must really have nothing going on, if these are the articles that keep food on their table.
That's all I got today.

I went to work today with the migrane I had since Sunday at 10p.

The doctors office went smashingly... leading to future Specialists visits... and an x-ray AND mri... That got me out sooooo late, that the medicine called into my pharmacy could not be picked up... BECAUSE the pharmacy was closed.

3.5 hours in two different physicians offices 
+ overtired 4.5 year old boy
+ migrane w/o medication

Yup that's real mathematics for you.

Have a great day.


  1. Even frustrated and in pain you crack me up, lil sis. Here's hoping your headache moves on to more fertile ground, like Sarah Palin. I will send positive healing energy your way.

  2. I can't use my vacuum to pick up my loose screws? Who knew?

    Hope the migraine eases up soon!