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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Spam Sites, (A SECOND LOVE NOTE)

Dear Spam Sites:

As you remember I wrote y'all this letter here.
Now, I have another quam to pick... with DOMAR.RU.

STOP SPAMMING MY SITE, this is INSANE! You are completely fucking (yes, I cursed, deal with it.) with my pageviews. You don't read my insanely witty and snarky posts... YOU JUST SPAM AND SPAM AND SPAM.

I have written to blogger about this, submitted a complain through the Webmaster Tools... and still.. Here you are... and Personally.. I'm thinking of making my own spam site, that focuses on JUST YOUR SITE.
I have a tech savvy boyfriend, leave me alone, or I'll blow up your complete operation.


I want you to know that this is indeed personal, and I plan to make immediate action.

If you don't remember I threathened the last spam sites with a She/He.... So.. now...

Image Detail

I threathen you with THIS!

You scared? You should be... this thing comes from beyond the grave.



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  1. I'm having this same problem, though I'm wondering what exactly this site is far I've just gotten pageviews from it (It's my #2 referring site to my page and the pageviews account as 60% of my total), and no spam comments or anything like that.

    Is it just that it's creepy to think a bot in Russia is looking at your page, or something else?
    I tried going to the site (maybe I should run anti-virus now..) and it redirects to a conspiricy page or whatnot.