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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Spam Sites

Dear Spam Cites.

Such as

I know you don't do it often... maybe once or twice a week...
However, STOP SPAMMING MY SITE... in hopes I am going to click on your link... and be forced to download any virus you have... or be subjected to the CRAP you are trying to sell.

I'm sure you can't read this, because you are a super computer... unable to do anything other than bother Good Blogging Folks like myself.
You're like the cold calling automated telemarketers that are the reason I stopped having a house phone (well, okay, that's a lie, but it's 75% of the reason why I stopped having a house phone, the other 25% was the stalker... but hey... his cold calls at least fueled the restraining order.)

So stop.
you too:
(you're another repeat offender)

(SIDE NOTE: So friends..other blog readers... please know.. if you see these links popping up as referring sites, or hits... know it's not... Know you'll catch something from them...Yup, just like anyone who sleeps with Lindsay Lohan, or Kim Khardashian..... or the dreaded Britney Spears.....*throws up a little in mouth*)

Your friend  worst enemy (trust me, I'll ruin you.)


P.S: Whoever started these sites be warned... TWO CAN PLAY AT THIS GAME!
Image Detail
I'll send thisguy um, girl WHATEVER IT IS! After you!


  1. I am being bombarded by sites like this. Going INTO hiding for awhile. Take her advice everyone who reads this!

  2. they bomb your blog comments or directly your mail? with gmail I have no problems of spam.

  3. Thanks for the warning. Saw for the first time in my referrer list today and figured I better google it first before I click on the link.

  4. @Orang3: Both. Referring sites list, and I got a comment or two... once you click... it's a mess getting away...

  5. Same experience as @Anonymous 6:18 AM, and yours was the only useful result returned by Google. Thanks for this post and best of luck with your blog.

  6. I've just googled after noticing it in my stats for the first time. Thanks for the warning.
    I guess I'll have to remove my site from Google's search lists for a while.

  7. Goddam visited my blog 15 times this week. Not sure what it means, although some have suggested it is stealing my content somehow. Grr...

  8. I suspected as much. I am being *attacked* too. Just did a little Google-ing and came across your page... Any tips on how to stop this? Can we block them?



    Or some shit like that...

    You can report Spam.

    And this is what it is...

    I recommend doing it.