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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hello! Thank you for tuning in to another edition of THE EMRY CHRONICLES.

On my oober sick day yesterday, Emry had off from school.

And well... he became... a model.

Not like a Calvin Klein model... but a model for Klay's Anniversary Present.

Has anyone ever read Tokyopop's graphic novel, "I LUV HALLOWEEN"?

It's a really awesome comic. I swear. You'd love it.

You can go on youtube and view the Volumes on there.

Here's the tricky thing... Tokyopop went under... I Luv Halloween is OUT OF PRINT.

(I didn't find this out until after I tried to order the 3 volume set...and couldn't get it.)

So, thinking quickly, I decided to make a Handmade copy.

How did I do that?

I got the character sketches, and did three of the characters... Using Emry as the model.

Image Detail

Finch is the leader (he's the kid with the scarf)
Devil Lad (Self explanitory which one he is)
Pig Pig (once again... tell me if you need me to point him out.)

Those were the three characters I made masks for, and matched costumes to Emry's clothing.
And it came out wicked awesome.

Where are the pics?
Well.. I'll edit this post tonight from home,and add them below here. (I forgot to bring my camera and sd drive to work).



Emry did so well, and was very helpful.
He picked the poses on his own... after I showed him pictures of the characters.

And Klay loved it soo much... He cried over it. Masculine Man Tears... But... nonetheless... tears.

Emry's a good boy.

And after the School Incident ... remember the Physical one? The toy over the fence bologna?

Well, I gave him one day of punishment in his room... only to come out for meals, and to do grocery shopping...

He was remarkable. Took the punishment well, and has been super ever since.

Small Blessings.

Thank the Gods.

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  1. You are always magic and I see that Emry is following in your tradition. What a lucky, lucky boy.