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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

THE EMRY CHRONICLES - third edition

As we know Emry is in a silent battle with the school. What's the war over? Whether or not Emry (and I) will allow him to be pegged as a Malicious Anti-Christ (is that statement an oxymoron... oh wait, the school is filled with morons... so it cancels out the OXY part.)

I received an apology from the school regarding the discipline notice.
It's basically been ripped up... and was only meant for "guidelines"... to show that there is repercussions for actions...
Then they revoked that statement since what happened was purely ACCIDENTAL.


But, do you know how I know that Emry is in the right?
That he didn't lie about this?
Two reasons.
  • The person whose name was on the Displinary Notice (who "witnessed" the necklace incident) came to me on Monday, and told me, it was never meant for a report, he only brought it up to the Principal in case she wanted to tell both sets of parents, so that the chain could be repaired. They put his name on it, didn't even tell him that there was a report... SHADY.
  • If Emry was so malicious and diabolicle... then... why is it that Older kids run up to him in the supermarket screaming his name? and HUGGING HIM? and saying how much they "MISSED HIM." yeah, he's evil alright. PURE EVIL.


Hopefully me putting my foot down as taught this school to only write a DISCIPLINARY NOTE if they really mean it, and if something ACTUALLY HAPPENED.


Emry told me yesterday,

"Mama, do you know GOD was here on earth?"
(I send him to a private Catholic school. 1) It has a full day and Latchkey program 2) I want him to know religion and deduce his own beliefs from it. 3) I went through it too, so now it's his turn.)

I look over, "Yeah? How's that?"

"Well, Mama, Mrs. <teacher's name> said that Jesus had GOD inside him. Jesus is GOD's son... HOW WAS GOD INSIDE HIM MAMA?"

I put my book down, "I think that is more of an expression really. Jesus held GOD'S message with him, and did things he thought GOD would want him to. Be nice to people, Take care of the sick, Not judge others."

"So GOD wasn't really IN HIM?"

"No baby, not actually..."

"Why did GOD let Jesus do all the walking around then? Why didn't he just do it?"

"Emry, what do you know about GOD? What does he look like?"

"I don't know Mama. Mrs. <teacher's name> says that he is ALLL POWERFUL. And watches over the entire earth."

"Well, if he is all powerful and watches the ENTIRE EARTH, than he must be pretty big."

"I bet he's a giant, Mama."
"Then maybe he sent Jesus, because he was too big too walk around our world..."


Then Emry proceeded to go back to playing.

I try not to push my beliefs on him.
I believe in a higher power.... an energy source.
I believe in doing the right thing... and looking out for our fellow man.
Seeing the best in people.

Not really that Religion Oriented.
Just have a high Moral Code.

When these conversations arise, I let him answer his own questions. I just kind of guide the answers.

How do y'all think I did?

Some times these things are tricky.

Comments are always appreciated, and please let me know if you have any ideas for future posts.

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