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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday - 11/4/11 - Vertigo, Mama Vent

Todays post is brief

  1. I woke up with this ear fluid thing going on. No, biggie, it'll take care of itself... RIGHT? nope. On my commute to work, I felt a big POP in my ear. (NOTE: this is my left ear, and I don't hear well out of it as it IS!) Once I felt the pop, my vision blurred (I was driving, mind you.) and everything appeared to go sideways...Vertigo wonderful. It went away enough for me to get to work. But every time I cough or move, the vertigo comes back... like going on the Tea Cup Ride too much.... UGH.
  2. Emry, threw another students' toy over the fence at recess yesterday. The teacher called me this morning. He was sent to the Principals office, and repremanded (as was I). Kicker is, the little boy who's toy was thrown... SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD IT IN SCHOOL ANYWAY! It's AGAINST THE RULES... for this very reason. Kids don't share well.  However, Emry got the strike on him... and I was told that 2 more "physical occurences" and he will be asked to leave. THIS IS LUDICROUS... and NOT PHYSICAL. If it were physical Emry would have made contact with the child... not the toy... NO? Am I being biased. Kicker is... he didn't tell me... not at all. Completely unprepared for this crap. Now I'm fuming because I felt left in the dark about it. OPINIONS????
  3. My boss has been riding me like Seabiscuit today... I have not seen my desk all day there is so much paperwork on it... DYING.

That's it for now...
I guess...
Probably write later.



  1. Poor lamb--when it rains, it pours. Take some Benadryl to dry out that ear. It's amazing what the school takes as "physical." Oh brother! I sure hope tomorrow ends up being better. Enjoy the weekend and dry up that poor ear.

  2. I agree, your son did not physically touch the kid just his toy. The lady must be in a bad mood.

  3. Physical occurrence, my ass! That's ridiculous.

  4. Ugh....sounds like a horrible way to start your weekend! :( I do think that the school is going a bit overboard about the physical thing...that's nutso. I hope that your weekend has been better! <3