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Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Potpourri - This is what I get for sending my kid to a Private School

Dear Emry's School,

I am not going to send you this letter, rather I am going to write it on my blog, because if I actually sent this to you, you would doom me to hell, and kick Emry out of school.

I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOU LABELING MY SON AS A MALICIOUS TROUBLE MAKER, for things, that I swear to the gods, are NOT that severe.

I understand that there is a fine line between an accident, clumsiness, and bullying... and that in todays' society that children are more carefully monitored. However, your discipline note home is bullshit.

Regarding the Kicking Incident:
(SIDE NOTE: The incident report reads as follows: Emry kicked child in leg 4 times during snack time.)
I spoke with Emry concerning this. Unless he is lying right to my face, this is what he says happened.
He was sitting at the table during snack time, and he was swinging his legs, his legs met someone else's leg during this process. I am appalled at the wording of your incident report. It reads as if my son, approached another child, and repeatedly kicked him. Even though 4 times is a problem, Emry has been reprimanded, and knows that he needs to respect other peoples space, and try very hard not to swing his legs while sitting down... because this will happen.

Regarding the Necklace Incident:
(SIDE NOTE: The incident report reads as follows: Emry ripped a religious necklace off of another child's neck. This was a brand new necklace given to the other child from his family.)
I have many problems with the way this was worded. Emry told me the following: During latchkey him and this OLDER BOY (SIDE NOTE: Emry is in K and this boy has to be in 5th.. much OLDER boy), were playing ball, and the older boy was playing keep away. When Emry tried to get the ball, his hand got caught up in the chain, and the necklace got pulled off. I am very sad that this was broken, and I will gladly pay to repair the chain, HOWEVER, this was not malicious intent, the boy was playing BALL... and these things do happen. I am unsure why such a special expensive gift was allowed to be worn to school, as when I was a young child, I was not allowed to wear special jewelry to school for this very reason. Secondly, I am sure I read in the rule book that necklaces are not to be worn at school. I understand you probably make exceptions for crucifixes, but still, it should not have been worn during play time. As I am to understand, children wearing jewelry, are to remove said jewelry in the gym, for this very fucking reason. I hardly think that a play time accident (that could have been avoided) is a disciplinary PROBLEM. Also, the wording of "ripping the religious necklace", makes it seem like Emry walked over to this boy, and just broke it because of what it was.

I am APPALLED at the wording of this disciplinary notice, and recommend that a meeting should take place. I am not agreeing to the light in which my son is being shown, and I expect this to be rectified.

I am so old, that I cannot comprehend what a PHYSICAL OCCURRENCE IS NOW A DAYS?
I would like outlined definitions of what a PHYSICAL OCCURRENCE IS.

I hope you bible thumping bastards read this and are afraid, because I swear, I am showing all of these reports, and their actual happenings to my family lawyer, as he thinks you are ass-backwards as well.

I hope to hear from you soon, regarding your disciplinary policies.



No, I am not sending this exact letter in to the school on Monday.
However, I am writing something very close to this.

Am I being one of those moms?
Not my son?
Yes, Emry admits that these things did occur... but they aren't exactly as written on the note.
I do not want him seen as the bad kid, he's clumsy and awkward... he's a fucking 4 year old.

(Oh I note, one more of these notes, and they kick him out.... I am putting my fucking foot down.)



  1. You know, I think I'd ask other moms what kind of notes they get. It sounds like these people pay to have their kids go to a school that gives full accounting. It also makes me wonder where the hell their teachers are if these things seem to happen when no adult is around. Yeah, you know your kid. If he's different playing with others and you not being noticeably there, then you might have issues, but if you've come to pick him up or something and he didn't see you and was playing just fine, then you know he's the same kid with you and with others. None of these incidents sound malicious, just like kids playing around in close spaces. You might talk to his teacher too and see what he's like when you're not there. If he had issues, you would have heard about him getting into trouble in class, not at recess and lunch time. Yup. They are a really picky school that feels they have to legitimize by constantly monitoring every tiny incident.

  2. Definitely get your objections to those notices in writing and part of the record. That second one, in particular, is horrible. It makes it sound like Emry committed some sort of religious hate crime. And, if these asshats can't figure out that necklaces get accidentally broken during games of keep away, they are too stupid to be educating children.

  3. OK I know I'm slow at getting over here but yeah...I'd be pissed off too. That's just unreal. If they wanted to say that he ripped a necklace off, that's what they should have said. There's no point in bringing religion into it except to incite an emotional response.

    Definitely write a response - nicely - and make sure that it is added to the file with the reprimands. Talk to other parents and get their reactions - see if anyone else is dealing with this.

    Total BS.