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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey! I'm Back from my blogging vacation!

Good Day to you all!

First let's cover our Music Mania Mondays!

Dia Frampton - the runner up from Season 1 of THE VOICE, has released her First Single entitled "The Broken Ones"

I personally, LOVE her voice, I think it's very unique, and I was bummed when she didn't win The Voice.

(Especially when the actual winner, had albums already produced, and was already... successful.. It's not America's fault he was stupid and decided to work for crappy people!)

This is Dia's cover of the song "Heartless" made popular by Kanye West.

So original.
So awesome.
Should have won....I'm bitter, can't you tell?

Does anyone else watch these shows?
I lost my love for American Idol, when very accomplished, hardworking artists were being overlooked by the popular teeny bop votes... Just saying.

Now, since I've been gone for way too long, I know you are all dying to know what I did on my vacation away from blogging.

Well Let's See!

Wednesday - 11/23/2011
I worked until noon. We were supposed to get out at 2:30 p.m., however, they didn't want to open the cafeteria, so they let us go at noon! So nice, I picked up my pies early, I got the cleaning done, and the pre-cooking... all done before Emry went to bed.
I know... I'm amazing.... I was so happy, and relaxed, knowing that I only had to do a few things on Thanksgiving... We watched movies, and relaxed... SO NICE!

Thursday - 11/24/2011
Thanksgiving Day... DOOMS DAY... not really... It actually went quite nice. My dad had invited his sister and her son (yes, my aunt and my cousin... but I really don't know them, so... it's just Mike and Pat to me.) They brought the appetizer, an amazing Italian Antipasto... from Staten Island... the home of many fat Italians... It was delicious. So, since they were bringing the appetizers, I didn't need to do any early morning prep. On my check list was the following:
  • Put pre-made side dishes (Thyme Buttered Carrots and Roasted Red Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese)
  • Chill Cranberry Sauce
  • Make Stuffing
  • Place Turkey in the oven
  • Drink wine/beer
  • Relax
Not awful... right? I was so calm the entire day! So Nice!

After dinner and dessert, we cleaned up, then Klay and I took Emry to see THE MUPPET'S!
It was a cornball movie, wasn't my favorite Muppet movie of all time, but, Emry really seemed to enjoy it. So, hence, I enjoyed it.

Went home, put Emry to bed, then.... well, passed out from the impending food coma.

Friday, 11/25/2011-
Once again, I refuse to go Black Friday Shopping. I have had bad experiences in the past, and do not wish to have them occur again. Most of the day was spent at home, the only reason why I left the house was to go to the grocery store to buy rolls, for EXTREME TURKEY SANDWICHES (which consist of everything from the prior days dinner... on a roll).
Emry had found a coupon for 2 free tokens at our local arcade, thus, he begged and begged to go. The arcade is in the mall. UGH. Fine, yes, we went. We didn't show up at the mall until after 2:30pm, so the crowd from the morning explosion had dispersed. Emry enjoyed doing something he liked, and then we just went home and crashed.
Well, I crashed, my neck was giving me serious issues, so, I watched as Emry played outside with the neighborhood kids.... and watched him stand up for himself. One of the kids pushed him, and he said no. The kid pushed again, and Emry told him "No, That's NOT OKAY! You need to 'pologize.". When the boy didn't... Emry came inside and waited for the apology. I was very proud of him.

Quiet dinner... Quiet bath time... Quiet day.

Saturday & Sunday, 11/26 and 11/27/2011 -
Laundry, lounging, and putting up the Christmas Tree. Klay helped us, and Emry just was elated. He's been calling Klay "daddy" on a regular basis. So much, that Klay responds to it. It's so sweet. I love my little family. It's finally a "real" family. I'm truly grateful for being given this opportunity...

I finished my Christmas Shopping. Everything was purchased from LOCAL vendors. EXCEPT FOR EMRY... Toys'r'us and Barnes & Noble are the only options for him right now.

I was bummed though. I wanted to get my sister one more thing, however, I was frightfully close to going over our $20 cap. So, what did I do... because I was at my awesome-ness... I made her, with things I had in the house... a 5 layer aromatherapy jar of Pedi-Salts. What are Pedi-salts? They are like bath salts... for your feet. You throw them into a warm foot bath, and just... melt. She has really bad plantar fascitis, so I figured she would love this. I even colored the different layers... I was in my prime. Used an old (but clean) glass jar, created a label on my computer... flourished it with colored string... PERFECT. Exactly what I needed to
send my gift OVER THE TOP!

Turned the left over Turkey, Carrots, Corn, Ecetra Ecetra.... into Soup. A yummy soup... (IE: Lunch for the rest of the week).

And... then... well........Went to bed early, because I had work .........

So, that brings us to MONDAY - 11/28/2011..........
I am here at work.
I have been writing this post and doing work for the past 2 hours...
And, I have fully caught everyone up  on my Blog-less few days.

Miss me?
I know you did?

Now.. Start commenting...
  • Tell me about your turkey day...
  • Tell me about your black Friday
  • X-mas shopping.
  • What's going on with yourselves.

Come on.
Let's go.


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  1. I love her voice! I didn't see the show, but how could someone beat that? I had a great T-giving. I went to my son's and had a vegetarian T-giving that blew away traditional any day. It was amazing! I worked almost every day. Already put up Yule decorations and also ordered all my gifts online. Yahoo. I can kick back until mid December when I make the fudge collection for my writer's group friends.